Welcome to nurses in India, China and Pakistan

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Welcome to nurses in India, China and Pakistan

Postby barb shellian » 04 Oct 2013, 21:38

China, India and Pakistan are new member countries to ICN and the Rural and Remote Nursing Network would like to extend a warm welcome to nurses in these countries. Along with the welcome - is an invitation to join the network and connect with other nurses around the globe with an interest in rural practice.

As an evolving and dynamic resource, the ICN Rural and Remote Nursing Network:
Provides a global forum for identification and discussion of issues related to rural and remote nursing
Promotes awareness of rural and remote nursing so that the roles, contributions and expertise of rural and remote nurses are understood, respected and optimized within the health care system
Assists with the development and sharing of knowledge, tools and guidelines which rural and remote nurses can use to embed specialized skills and competencies into their practice
Promotes sound rural and remote nursing practice across the globe
Establishes links between the ICN Rural and Remote Nursing Network and other international organizations, resources and networks to promote the sharing and exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience

To learn more about how to become a member go to:
http://www.icn.ch/networks/rural-and-re ... g-network/

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