ICN Rural and Remote Nursing - Network Session in Melbourne

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ICN Rural and Remote Nursing - Network Session in Melbourne

Postby barb shellian » 12 Dec 2012, 23:09

If you are planning to attend the ICN Quadrennial in Melbourne Australia in May 2013 - consider attending the Rural and Remote Networking Session. the session will be on May 20 from 1130 hours - 1250 hours. See the program for more details. Two dynamic guest speakers will provide presentations on Rural Residency Programs for nurses and CRANAplus. There will also be an update on the work of the Network.
Globally, approximately one half of the population lives in rural and remote areas. There are significant health service implications for the world’s rural populations, as health systems, including those in the developed world, are often not well placed to meet the health needs of rural and remote populations. Nursing practice in rural areas is often very different from practicing in urban areas. Nurses in rural areas require competencies in providing emergent and chronic disease management across an all ages continuum. Nurses new to rural practice may experience greater role diffusion and professional isolation than providers in urban and suburban settings, as well as ethical conflicts due to lack of anonymity and intertwining ties to the community. One way of preparing nurses to practice in rural areas is through rural nurse residency programs. An example from a rural nurse residency program will be shared in this session. In addition Information will be provided on a program in Australia dedicated to the development and delivery of safe, high quality primary healthcare in remote and isolated areas of Australia through the education and support of remote health practitioners.
Membership in the ICN Rural and Remote Network has grown steadily and reinforces the desire that this important group of nurses have to share experience in how best to provide access to quality health care for the world’s rural and remote populations. The network provides an important global voice for rural and remote nurses and provides a well-respected and recognized platform to serve as a global resource for rural and remote nurses.The ICN Rural and Remote Nurses Network is very keen to engage with the wider international nursing community to develop the science of rural nursing in the global context and inform policy developments that increase access to services.
Learning objectives for the
1. Understand key issues related to the role of nurses working in rural and remote areas
2. Gain insights to mechanisms being put in place to support nurses working in rural and remote settings.
3. Identify ways of contributing to the work of the Network
We hope to see you in Melbourne!

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Re: ICN Rural and Remote Nursing - Network Session in Melbou

Postby jb@icn » 12 Feb 2013, 16:05

Just a reminder to those interested in attending the network meeting and the Congress in Melbourne that early bird registration closes on February 14th. Go to http://www.icn2013.ch/en/ for more information and to register.

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