Regulation Network Meeting Malta

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Regulation Network Meeting Malta

Postby jb@icn » 04 Apr 2011, 16:57

This is to inform readers of the Meeting of the Regulation Network in Malta

ICN Regulation Network
Moderators: ICN staff , Elizabeth Owyer (Kenya)
Speakers Veronica Darko (Ghana), Badryia Al-Kuwaiti (Bahrain), Caroline Reed (New Zealand)

Room: David Bruce Hall
Time: 16.30-17:50

As globalization, trade agreements and nurse migration increase, it is becoming increasingly evident that those involved in regulation can not work in isolation and need to have inter-jurisdictional dialogue. This can be at the in-country, sub-regional, regional or global level. Different models of regulation exist and the means by which governments address patient safety matters are becoming increasingly complex and inter-related.

The session will provide an opportunity to hear information on regulatory dialogue at the regional level and promotion of regional cooperation occurring in a number of regions of the world. A panel of speakers will be invited to describe what is occurring in their regions including the objectives of the regional cooperation, its successes and its challenges.

After a series of short presentations the audience will be invited to participate in a two way dialogue with the panel on their experiences in their own countries and regions.

We hope that those with an interest in regulation will be able to join us at the network meeting in Malta.

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Re: Regulation Network Meeting Malta

Postby Tom Murray » 04 Oct 2012, 22:28

Did this meeting take place, and what was the outcome ?


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