Standard List of Nursing Skills Lab Materials

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Standard List of Nursing Skills Lab Materials

Postby RebeccaJBailey » 31 Jul 2014, 18:57


CapacityPlus is a USAID-funded global project focusing on human resources for health. We are working with nursing schools in Ethiopia and DRC to estimate the unit cost of producing a nurse. In Ethiopia, we found that classrooms and clinical skills labs were over crowded and under resourced. One of the objectives of the costing study is to cost out various scenarios for scaling up the quantity and or quality of nursing graduates.

In order to do that for the skills labs, we are looking for a standard list of materials that should be available in a nursing skills lab. Does anyone in this community have a suggestion for where I could find such a list?

The International Confederation of Midwives has developed and published an equipment list for skills training in midwifery schools, which is being adopted in Ethiopia (see: ... y-schools/). I wonder if ICN would consider developing a similar list for nursing schools. It would be an enormous contribution to improving the quality of nursing education.

Rebecca Bailey
Team Lead, Health Workforce Development
CapacityPlus led by IntraHealth International

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