Attrition/Retention of Student Nurse

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Attrition/Retention of Student Nurse

Postby nancyberger » 10 Jan 2011, 00:47

I am interested in the relationship between family support and student nurse success. Research indicates that this is a big factor that helps decrease attrition rates. What have your experiences been related to this? Has anyone done any specific research in this area?

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Re: Attrition/Retention of Student Nurse

Postby paulan35 » 05 May 2011, 04:39

I can speak for my own personal experience and what I saw in my class. I obtained my associate's education at a community college in the night classes. 95% of our class was older adults who where now pursuing nursing as a second career. Out of the 40 students 5 were men, the rest women. As we progressed through our clinicals many failed or dropped out. Out of the 40 students who started out in classes with me, only 12 graduated with me from the original group. Some of the original 40 repeated and graduated later, and others joined. The 12 that successfully progressed through with the group had family support, including myself. As a single mom, I would not have been able to work full time, go to college, study and raise my son. I was more fortunate than those who do not have the support. Unfortunately, I do not have that same support as I pursue a BSN in nurisng and although I am succeeding, it is more difficult that pursuing my associate's. I think family members feel I may not need as much support because I do online courses, and I now have a decent paying job as an RN and am not financially struggling. The degree would be much easier to acheive if I still had that support.

Pauline Longkutoy

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