Nursing Education Assessment Methods

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Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby TraceySiegel » 06 Jan 2011, 05:44

I am currently pursuing my doctorate and am interested in how faculty assess students in other countries. Since nursing students in the United States are required to take the NCLEX, many nursing programs rely on multiple-choice assessments. Is this typical in your countries as well? I know my foreign educated nursing students often have difficulty in this area and reseach into this is ongoing. What is your opinion of multiple-choice examinations? Do you have issues with assessment as well in your programs? Thanks for listening and I hope we generate some interesting responses! Tracey Siegel MSN RN CNE Nursing Faculty New Jersey USA

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby harold999 » 07 Apr 2011, 07:30

Hi good thinks of you.There are lot of nursing program same as NP programs RN Programs RN To BSN Programs RN To MSN Programs LPN (LVN) Programs LPN To RN Programs Online Nursing Programs Accelerated Nursing Programs CNA Classes.You have to chose which program you want to take.

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby jazzp333 » 21 Apr 2011, 04:33

I have taken the NCLEX in 2006 and when I was studying for it, we were informed that usually there was 2 right answers, one was just "more" right than the other. I do not know what the other countries do in the form of formal examinations equivalent to the NCLEX, but I have foreign RN friends who had alot of difficulty deciphering the NCLEX based on this type of multiple choice questions.

The translation part is probably hard enough to grasp, let alone seeing two right answers and trying to translate it back to their native tongue, and then try to find the more correct answer. I for one, could not fathom trying to take such a test if English was not my primary language!

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby kelvinman » 03 Aug 2011, 20:11

What school is best to go to to learn about nursing?

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby LourdesSantoni » 20 Aug 2011, 18:27

Assessments in the clinical area is typically not multiple choice but case based...a scenario is given along with clinical data and the student must then use concept mapping to generate a plan of care.
Regarding licensure you are correct Computer Based Testing (CBT) is utilized with multiple choice format

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby sararnhealth » 09 Oct 2011, 01:58

... look here for some assessment resources (scroll down a little) ... ... 45091.html
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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby KBreitkreuz » 09 Oct 2011, 03:00

About the NCLEX - most of the time there is ONLY one correct answer. You have to be careful to understand what the questions are asking you and are not asking you. There are several NCLEX study guides that are available at bookstores like Barnes and Noble or online at My students tell me that reviewing questions can be quite a useful study method when preparing for NCLEX. They are not the same questions, but they give you practice. The more questions you review, the better you get.

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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby adward » 22 Oct 2011, 10:20

I am studying the NCLEX 2010. It's great to meet some friends here.
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Re: Nursing Education Assessment Methods

Postby Laura080 » 22 Nov 2011, 02:56

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