Shortage of nursing educators.Is this a problem in your coun

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Re: Shortage of nursing educators.Is this a problem in your

Postby jazzp333 » 21 Apr 2011, 04:44

I'm from Long Island, and the shortage of nursing educators is real and a huge problem for the students on the waiting list, and the number of students allowed into clinical practice. I am also a newbie RN, hopefully obtaining my BSN by next Spring! I have definite plans to pursue my Masters with a goal of teaching future nurses, as the population of Professors seem to be within 10+ years of retirement. Not only will be face a nursing shortage, we will have a severe shortage in teaching staff!

I am very surprised to learn that Australia will only allow PhD's to teach at the university level. Though my nursing school had a few doctorate prepared RN's, most had their Masters degree, and I do not believe anyone taught at the university/college level with a BSN. My nurse manager who is a BSN, also teaching BOCES to LPN students. As far as I know in New York/Long Island, the Masters level is the beginning level for teaching at the university/college level.

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Re: Shortage of nursing educators.Is this a problem in your

Postby bnewman » 26 Apr 2011, 09:42

Hi Jazz,
We are very fortunate in Australia to have so many PhD qualified nurses. We even have some clinical settings employing PhD prepared nurses. It is true some universities have emphasized more than others the importance of employing PhD prepared lecturers. We have more than 30 University programs in nursing across Australia that is large in geographic parameters, not so much in population that only has 25 million.
Barbara Newman

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