Mental Health in Developing Countries

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Re: Mental Health in Developing Countries

Postby drggRN » 04 Mar 2013, 19:28

As many of us know, mental health is an issue in most countries. Anytime a nation has issues of violence in any form, substance abuse in the population and homelessness, there are issues of mental health. Mental illness appears in children as well as adults and is not well treated in many people for lots of reasons. Due to a recent massacre of 20 children and 6 adults in our country by a male who was mentally ill, there is now a country-wide discussion about what to do in caring for the mentally ill. Education of our nurses and other health care providers is central to the solution. First there must be national policy followed by adequate funding for services. In countries where basic needs have to be met first, the challenges are greater but still must be addressed. Sometimes starting with community health workers who are willing to be engaged is a start. Many high resource countries have curriculum developed and may be available to teach or share the curriculum.

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