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07 Apr 2011, 04:26
Forum: Rural and Remote Nursing Network
Topic: Sessions on R and R nursing Malta
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Re: Sessions on R and R nursing Malta

I am currently a nursing student taking Global Health and I find rural nursing very interesting and amazing. Nursing autonomy, effective communication and leadership skills must be critical to have as well as staying up with the latest technology available such as telemedicine. Unfortunately Malta i...
07 Apr 2011, 04:07
Forum: Student Network
Topic: global work experience
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Re: global work experience

Thank you for the information. I have a friend that is very interested in Global Nursing she is just starting in nursing school but already has done mission work in Haiti and Africa. I think as she takes her journey in nursing Global Nursing will be her destination.

07 Mar 2011, 03:29
Forum: Student Network
Topic: Teaching Japanese Children about Nutrition
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Re: Teaching Japanese Children about Nutrition

Hi Jenny, I am looking for information on programs for women and children in rural India in regard to health and nutrition education. Women are at the lowest quintile and have 5 times less access to skilled care and a higher rate of perinatal mortality. Rural areas have a great need for education an...

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