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  • 3 December is International Day of Persons with Disability:

    This year’s theme is “Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want” and emphasises the way each of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is an additional step towards achieving an inclusive and equitable world for people living with disabilities. More than a billion people globally live with at least some form of disability and the condition is often correlated with disadvantage, further restricting an already difficult access to crucial services such as education, health and employment. Striving for the SDGs ensures the adoption of fair and inclusive policies and practices that will enable all to overcome the barriers to more efficient support and assistance.

  • 1 December is World AIDS day:

    This year’s theme is “Access Equity Rights Now” and is a call to action to continue working towards changing the course of the HIV epidemics everywhere. It is estimated that 35 million people currently live with the virus and while the recent years’ efforts have seen a reduction of new infections by 58%, this progress is unequally spread out across the globe. Poorer and more isolated populations are subjected to higher risks of contracting the illness for lack of adequate prevention and response, resulting in almost half of those acquiring HIV being located in the sub-Saharan Africa regions. 

  • Press Release: New report reveals three in four mother, baby and young child deaths occur in just 20 countries.  Read more...
  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses supports Universal Use of Kangaroo Mother Care. Read more...
  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses and Springer Nature release first volume of new series on Advanced Practice in Nursing. Read more...
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  • What does the report and findings of the UN Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth mean for nurses?  Find out more here
  • ICN and the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) are developing a platform for continuing nursing education which will be launched in 2017.
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