Regulation Network Membership Form

Your Application Form for ICN Regulation Network has been sent to ICN.
Thank you for Joining the network.

Dear Mrs. Modisaeman:

I am very pleased to welcome you to the ICN Regulation Network. This network is made up of professionals, like yourself, interested in strengthening nursing and nursing regulation across the globe. The Network, serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and expertise in regulatory issues affecting the nursing profession.

The goals of the ICN Regulation Network are:

* To identify global trends in regulation;
* To offer special expertise;
* To disseminate ICN’s and others’ work in regulation;
* To organise meetings and conferences.

As a member of the Regulation Network you can expect to receive a copy of the ICN Regulation Bulletin which is published twice a year. If you wish to include a brief contribution to a future Bulletin, to share news or views, please contact us. ICN also provides a Regulation Bulletin Board on our web site to encourage Network members to raise issues and share information with nursing colleagues across the world. Such opportunities for sharing ideas and issues are becoming increasingly important as a result of trends such as the significant increase in nurse mobility and the ongoing development of telenursing.

We hope that you will be an active member of the Regulation Network and that you will benefit from the sharing of experience and expertise.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Barry