INP/APN Network Membership Form

Dear Dr. Cizmadija:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International Nurse Practitioner/Advance Practice Nurse Network (INP/APNN). This emerging network is made up of professionals, like yourself, interested in strengthening nursing around the globe. The Network, in conjunction with the International Council of Nurses, has established key goals to accomplish this directive. The goals are as follows:

1. Making relevant and timely information about practice, education, research, resource development, policy and regulatory developments and events widely available;
2. Providing a forum for sharing and exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience;
3. Support nurses and countries who are in the process of introducing and developing NP or ANP roles and practice;
4. Accessing international resources that are pertinent to this field.

A Core Steering Group with six supporting subgroups has been established to achieve these goals. Membership in these subgroups consists of individuals from around the world with no more than two individuals from one country sitting on each subgroup. The subgroups will address topics of education/practice, health policy/regulations, research, conferences, public relations/sponsorship and communication. Plan to visit the ICN web page at to keep up to date on network activities.

Keeping this in mind, your interests, comments and areas of expertise will be reviewed for future involvement in the development of this emerging network. Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate. Working together these goals will be achieved.


Petrie Roodbol
Chair, Core Steering Group INP/APNN