Russia is one of the countries with the highest levels of drug resistant TB which to a large extent is an ongoing legacy of the political upheaval faced in the early 1990s. It's vast territory and extreme weather make health programmes a challenge under any circumstance but the resilence shown by its people and, in the context of this project, its nurses, is impressive. The Russian Nurses association joing the ICN TB Project in 2006 with the aim of strengthening and developing the nursing component of TB care. In the previous phases over 18000 nurses of TB and general services were trained in the care, prevention and management of TB by the 341 nurses who attended an ICN workshop run by RNA. At a later stage the Project supported the formation of a special RNA TB nursing network and to support local activities of TB nurses. Just in 2-3 years of the Project nurses were able to develop a new tradition of organizing Stop TB campaigns, informing the general public about TB, teaching on the needs of regular  checks, and consulting on how to provide good quality nursing care practically in the region, districts, policlinics.  

The project is now developing nursing research activities in TB nursing in order to establish a stronger evidence base regarding the contribution made by nurses on improving patient and programme outcomes. In 2013 the first Project workshop on nursing research was atteneded by 30 nurses, and 5 of them were able to report intermediate research outcomes by the end of the year. For the very first time an independent nursing symposium was organized at the largest All-Russian meeting of TB specialists – the second All-Russian TB congress and over 80 nurses attended from 23 regions of Russia. We expect that the Project will help us to develop of group of advanced experts, trainers, researchers, and TB nursing leaders, who will function as an engine of a continued improvement of nursing care in the country and will be able to make an input into clinical guidelines, standards and protocols of TB treatment and care. 

ICN TB Project Courses

Where ? When ? What ? How many nurses were trained ?
Tomsk 2006 4 days workshop - TFT 23
Omsk 2007 4 days workshop - TFT 26
St Petersburg 2008 3 days workshop - TFT 37
Ulianovsk 2008 3 days workshop - TFT 31
Kemerovo 2008 4 days workshop - TFT 36
Stavropol 2008 3 days workshop - TFT 34
Chita 2009 4 days workshop - TFT 39
Moscow 2009 4 days workshop - TFT 36
Syktyvkar 2010 4 days workshop - TFT 41
Nizhniy Novgorod 2010 4 days workshop - TFT 38
Nizhniy Novgorod 2010 1 day Review workshop  
St-Petersburg 2012 All-Russian Nursing Forum  
St-Petersburg 2013 Research Workshop  
    total nurses trained
to date


St Petersburg
Nizhniy Novgorod

Additional Info

  • NNA Contact: Natalia Serebrennikova
  • Lead Trainer(s): Tatiana Fedotkina
  • Local trainers: Polina Volkova
  • Natalia Serebrennikova

    Natalia Serebrennikova

    Additional Info
    • Country Russia
    • Project role NNA Contact
    • Job title Director of the RNA International programs & Executive editor of the RNA Journal
  • Tatiana Fedotkina

    Tatiana Fedotkina

    Additional Info
    • Country Russia
    • Project role Lead Trainer
    • Job title Chief nurse of the Tomsk Regional state TB-pulmonology center & Chair of the special Russian Nurses Association network on “TB nursing”
  • Polina Volkova

    Polina Volkova

    Additional Info
    • Country Russia
    • Project role Local Trainer
    • Job title Chief nurse of Mary El Republican TB Dispensary

Carrie Tudor - Project Director
Oscar Ferreira - admin. assistant
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