Tatiana Fedotkina

Tatiana Fedotkina, RN, is a lead trainer of ICN Project on TB treatment and care. Tatiana is a chief nurse of the Tomsk Regional state TB-pulmonology center and Chair of the special Russian Nurses Association network on “TB nursing”.

She has worked as a nurse since 1994. In the very beginning of her career Tatiana provided care for children with pulmonary and heart problems. In 1999 Tatiana came into TB field of practice as a district TB nurse in a distant part of the region. She found out that nursing in TB is very special, and a nurse is at the same time a medical worker, a psychologist, a teacher for a patient and family, and coordinator of care, a social worker. Thus the specialty requires lots of knowledge and multiple skills.

Tatiana has two university degrees;  management health care and psychologist/teacher. Starting from 2002 she holds managerial positions in TB clinics. In 2003 Tatiana started to teach Nursing College students, her students are both future nurses and practicing nurses who regularly come for classes to reconfirm the qualification category or receive specialization in TB care. Tatiana promotes TB field of practice and work to attract new nurses into this field.

Starting from 2006 Tatiana is a chief trainer in ICN led Project on strengthening TB treatment and care in Russia. Due to the Project activities many regions of Russia have been able to participate in training activities and now follow international standards of care in daily practice.

In 2012 Tatiana got a position of a chair in “TB nursing” special network established by the Russian Nurses Association. This is a new role on developing nursing in TB sector in accordance with the general strategy of development of the nursing profession in Russia.

Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • Project role: Lead Trainer
  • Job title: Chief nurse of the Tomsk Regional state TB-pulmonology center & Chair of the special Russian Nurses Association network on “TB nursing”