Natalia Serebrennikova

Natalia Serebrennikova, political scientist, PhD, coordinator of ICN Project in Russia, Director of the RNA International programs, Executive editor of the RNA Journal.

In 2000 Natalia became a part of a full-time staff of the Association. At that time RNA was working under collaboration with Vardforbundet with the purpose of organizational strengthening, recruiting members and entering into ICN family of National Nursing Association. Serving as a coordinator and interpreter Natalia visited many Russian regions and met hundreds of nurses representing different nursing specialties, learning their needs and achievements.

Working for the ICN Project for TB nurses is one of the Natalia’s major tasks, where she sees her role in identifying the needs of TB nurses and that of specialty, and helping to address those needs with the help of the Project; in searching for the specialty leaders and investing time and resources into these leaders for them to become visible and recognized specialists in TB care in Russia and abroad. This Project started in 2006 and showed that TB nurses have already had an advanced approach to practice, understood the importance of non-technical nursing tasks, such as patient teaching and motivation, addressing the TB risks working in community. But still they needed help and support for their efforts to be scaled up all around the country, well evaluated and, obviously, recognized.

Being focused on dissemination of the nursing research, Natalia connects Russian TB nurses with advanced nurse researchers, and with the other partners of ICN-Lilly Project; provide consultations on the issues of research and motivates and helps nurses in preparing presentations and reports, and writing articles for publications.

Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • Project role: NNA Contact
  • Job title: Director of the RNA International programs & Executive editor of the RNA Journal