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Maria Banda

Maria Banda is working at the zone health support office in the northern zone of Malawi as a registered nurse and midwife. She acts in several fields, as Deputy zonal TB officer as well as doing nutrition programme at the office.

Her work is to supervise treatment centers and make sure that the spheres of standards of each programme are met. If not, she meets the programme coordinators and discusses how the spheres of standards can be improved for the good health of their community.

She also conducts review meetings where it acts as a learning ground : “district coordinators prepare presentations whereby the presentations will tell how the facility is doing, so they learn from each other. As a result their performance improves”.

Maria Banda was the award winner of ICN Award 2009 on nursing excellence on TB care.

Additional Info

  • Country: Malawi
  • Project role: Lead Trainer
  • Job title: Nutrition coordinator in health support office