Viernes, 13 Mayo 2016 13:50

Two press releases from WHO

Rapid diagnostic test and shorter, cheaper treatment signal new hope for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients :
Miércoles, 27 Abril 2016 11:43

Malawi sets ambitious TB target

“For a number of years, Malawi has been implementing the Directly Observed Treatment Short (Dots) course, endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which is the recommended strategy for TB control.
But Malawi needs to further expand TB interventions as the disease is still a major health concern for the nation and other developing countries because of its apparent link to HIV/Aids, says WHO Global TB Programme director Mario Raviglione.”


Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 13:02

Yodit Solomon

Nurse, Goro Health Center,

Dire Dawa


Yodit attended the ICN TB/MDR-TB training in 2012.

Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 13:00

Nie Feifei

Chief Nurse

TB Department, Beijing Chest Hospital (China)

Nie Feifei has been working in the TB field for 20 years. In 2011, she was trained through the ICN training project on TB/MDR-TB.

Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 12:56

Zhao Jun

Director of Nursing Department,

Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital (China)

Zhao Jun has worked in TB for more than 20 years and has dedicated her career to improving the care of patients with TB and protecting healthcare workers from developing TB. After attending an ICN training workshop in 2014, she shared the knowledge and skills she learned to make improvements in the TB nursing practice and improve the delivery of patient-centered care in her hospital.

Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 12:54

Svetlana Tcybulina

Chief Nurse of the Children’s Psychoneurology Rehabilitation Center (Russian Federation)

Svetlana has worked in the TB sector for 13 years. She formerly worked as a chief nurse of a children’s TB sanatorium and as a head nurse of the T’umen regional TB dispensary.

Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 12:46

Elena Tarasova

Chief Nurse, T’umen Regional TB Dispensary

(Russian Federation)

Elena started her nursing career in TB 15 years ago. Today she serves as a Chief Nurse, but more importantly as a strong leader of the TB nursing network in Russia.

Viernes, 08 Abril 2016 12:35

Innovative training for nurses on front-line of TB care

When the media reports on the fight against tuberculosis, it’s usually the scientific innovations that get coverage — the hunt for more effective vaccines, drugs and diagnostic tools.  
But an issue that deserves attention is the creative approaches to TB care adopted by those shouldering most of the burden: nurses. In countries where health systems are poorly funded and understaffed — 95 per cent of TB deaths are in low- and middle-income countries — nurses play a vital role, often acting as the primary care givers for patients who might rarely, if ever, see a doctor.
In this interview for World TB Day, we speak to Gini Williams, a TB nurse consultant and pioneer of nurse training programmes. “It’s no good having new diagnostics and treatments if you don’t have access to them and [don’t] have people who know how to use them,” Williams says. ”Services and systems around supporting patients are very important.”   - See more and listen tothe interview here:
Miércoles, 23 Marzo 2016 13:01

'Leading Lights' : Selection for March 2016

As we celebrate World TB Day, the ICN TB/MDR-TB Project would like to highlight our ‘Leading Lights’ initiative, which aims to showcase the work of exceptional nurses trained by the ICN TB/MDR-TB project who have made an outstanding contribution to TB prevention, care and management in their local facility and/or community. We are delighted to announce that we have selected five nurses as Leading Lights for this quarter, namely :

  • Elena Tarasova  (from Russia)
  • Svetlana Tcybulina  (from Russia)
  • Zhao Jun  (from China)
  • Nie Feifei  (from China)
  • Yodit Solomon  (from Ethiopia)

Please click here to find the information about these wonderful nurses and their contribution to the fight against TB.

Lunes, 21 Diciembre 2015 19:23

Khetsiwe Dlamini

Nurse – TB Focal Person, Swaziland Wellness Center (Swaziland)

Khetsiwe Dlamini is a professional nurse working at the Swaziland Wellness Center as a TB/MDR-TB focal person. The Wellness Center is a facility taking care of health care workers in Manzini. Khetsiwe was trained through the ICN TB Project in 2012 and has been working with TB patients in both the Wellness Center Clinic and outreach settings. The Wellness Center had a challenge in patient education and staff capacitation due to limited number of nurses trained in TB issues.


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