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Incivility, retention and new graduate nurses: an integrated review of the literature Journal of Nursing Management John Wiley & Sons 2013 D'ambra AM; Andrews DR "Incivility in the work environment is a major source of dissatisfaction and new graduate nurses are especially vulnerable. Incivility contributes to the high levels of turnover associated within the first 2 years of new graduate nurse employment." (extract from abstract) Details
JOb rotation and internal marketing for increased job satisfaction and organisational commitment in hospital nursing staff Journal of Nursing Management John Wiley & Sons 2013 Chen s_y; Wu W-C; Chang C-S; Lin C-T Aim "To develop or enhance the job satisfaction and organisational commitment of nurses by implementing job rotation and internal marketing practices." (extract from abstract) Details
The perfectly motivated nurse and the others: workplace and personal characteristics impact preference of nursing tasks Journal of Nursing Management John Wiley & Sons 2013 Koch SH; Proynova R; Paech B; Wetter T Aim: "To identify whether motivation of nurses coincides with personal values, workplace or personal characteristics." Details
Mediating toxic emotions in the workplace - the impact of abusive supervision Journal of Nursing Management John Wiley & Sons 2013 Chu L-C; "This study explores whether abusive supervision can effectively predict employees' counterproductive work behaviour (CWB) and organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and the role of toxic emotions at work as a potential mediator of these relationships in nursing settings." Details
Why do nurses change jobs? An empirical study on determinants of specific nurses' post-exit destinations Journal of Nursing Management John Wiley & Sons 2013 Homburg V; van der Heijen B; Valkenburg L "The aims of this paper are, first, to identify the determinants of the ‘intention to leave’ of nurses working at a general hospital, and, second, to provide recommendations for various stakeholders targeting prevention of premature leaving to various post-exit destinations." Details
Substance use disorders among registered nurses; prevalence, risks and perceptions in a disciplinary jurisdiction journal of nursing management John Wiley & Sons 2013 Kunyk D; "To investigate substance use disorders, impaired practice and health risks among nurses in a disciplinary jurisdiction." (extract from abstract) Details
Challenges for nursing edcuation in Angola: the perception of nurse leaders affiliated with professional education institutions Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Marchi-Alves LM; Ventura CA; Trevizan MA; Mazzo A; de Godoy S; Meddes IA "The aim in this study was to identify how nurses affiliated with nursing education institutions perceive the challenges nursing education is facing in Angola." (extract from abstract) Details
NHS and social care workforce: meeting our needs now and in the future? The King's Fund 2013 Imison C; Bohmer R "We need to think differently about the workforce of a future health and social care system. This paper outlines the key challenges and suggests some priority areas for action." (UK) (extract from paper) Details
The experience of discrimination by US and internationally educated nurses in hospital practice in the USA: a qualitative study Journal of Advanced Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2013 Wheeler RM; Foster JW; Hepburn KW "In this study, nurses described interactions with patients and their families and other healthcare personnel, their strategies for managing interactions and rationales behind their selected strategy." (extract from abstract) Details
Factors impacting job satisfaction among nurses from a tertiary care centre Journal of Clinical Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2013 Kaddourah BT, Khalidi A, Abu-Shaheen AK, Al-Tannir MA Aim: "To investigate the level of job satisfaction and the impact of personal characteristics and work environment on job satisfaction among nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Factors impacting job satisfaction among nurses from a tertiary care centre Journal of Clinical Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2013 Kaddourah BT, Khalidi A, Abu-Shaheen AK, Al-Tannir MA Aim: "To investigate the level of job satisfaction and the impact of personal characteristics and work environment on job satisfaction among nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
"Factors assiciated with neddlestick and sharp injuries among hospital nurses: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Cho E; Lee H; Choi M; Park SH; Yoo IY; Aiken LH "To examine the incidence to needlestick or sharp injuries and identify the factors associated with such injuries among hospital nurses in South Korea." (extract from abstract) Details
The effects of state-level scope-of-practice regulation on the number and growth of nurse practitioners Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2013 Reagan PB; Salsberry PJ "This study was designed to examine whether SSoPRs influence labor markets for NPs" (extract from abstract)
(SSoPRs - scope-of-practice regulations)
Evaluation of the Nurse Practitioner in Aged CAre University of Auckland 2013 Peri K; Boyd M; Foster S "The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of the
implementation of a Nurse Practitioner: Older Adult
role in three aged care facilities" (extract from document)
(New Zealand)
The nomenclature and classification of human resources for health: A review Journal of Health Management SAGE Publications 2013 Kumar B; Sharma K; Zodpey S "This article attempts to answer the obvious question of who are the people that can be included in the definition of Human Resources for Health and what might they be called. To answer the question an extensive search of literature was conducted. The search was aimed at identifying the nomenclature and classifications of human resources for health." (extract from abstract) Details
Absenteeism amongst health workers: Developing a typology to support empiric work in low-income countries and characterizing reported associations Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Belita A; Mbindyo P; English M "...we aimed to develop a typology of definitions that might be useful to classify different forms of absenteeism and identify factors associated with absenteeism." (extract from abstract) Details
Systemic management of human resources of health: An introduction for health managers Jhpiego 2013 Necochea E; Badlani M; Bossemeyer D "The framework and elements provided by this manual can help central, regional, and/or district health and human resources managers to understand better how their actions can produce specific improvements at their levels and at the same time contribute to the strengthening of the HRH system as a whole" (extract from document) Details
Stemming the impact of health professional brain drain from Africa: A systemic review of policy options Journal of Public Health in Africa PAGEPress Italy 2013 Zimbudzi, E "The purpose of this paper is to review possible policies, which can stem the impact of health professional brain drain from Africa. A systemic literature review was conducted." (extract from abstract) Details
Work empowerment and burnout among registered nurses in two tertiary general hospitals Journal of Clinical Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2013 Wang X; Kunaviktikul W; Wichaikhum O "To describe and explore the relationship between work empowerment and burnout as perceived by nurses in two tertiary general hospitals in China" (extract from abstract) Details
Mobbing in health sector: sample of university hospital Journal of Health Management SAGE Publications 2013 Somunoglu S; Gedik A; Kurt DE; Eygi G; Gebedek S; Ilhan Y; Sag Z "To identify the presence of mobbing, this study was conducted in a university hospital located in Zonguldak city. When the mobbing behaviours against nurses were examined, mobbing was listed as a humiliating and unfavourable communication (57.8%), verbal threats (26.2%), physical attacks (5.9%), verbal or behavioural sexual attacks (8%), and prevention of self-improvement opportunities (17.6%)." (extract from abstract) Details
Analysis of nursing job characteristics in public sector hospitals Journal of Health Management SAGE Publications 2013 Mariappan M "Significance of any job depends on the strong presence of job characteristics which can positively improve motivation, performance and job satisfaction." (extract from abstract) Details
Analysis of nursing job characteristics in public sector hospitals Journal of Health Management SAGE Publications 2013 Mariappan M "Significance of any job depends on the strong presence of job characteristics which can positively improve motivation, performance and job satisfaction." (extract from abstract) Details
Longitudinal study of rural health workforce in five counties in China: research design and baseline description Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Xu H; Zhang W; Zhang X; Qu Z; Wang X; Sa Z; Li Y; Zhao S; Qi X; Tian D "we conducted a longitudinal study to explore the current situation and track the future evolution of the rural healthcare workforce." (China ) (extract from abstract) Details
Horizon scanning – A strategic review of the future healthcare workforce: Informing the nursing workforce Centre for Workforce Intelligence 2013 Waite RK "This report considers the issues likely to shape the nursing workforce over the next 20 years in relation to the transfer of care into the community. It is part of the ongoing Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) horizon
scanning work underpinning the nursing and midwifery (N&M) programme. The report is based on the views of a senior set of stakeholders with an interest in the nursing workforce." (extract from document)
(Note: UK only)
Work-Life Balance: What Generation Y Nurses Want Nurse Leader Mosby, Inc. 2013 Jamieson I; Kirk R; Andrew C "During 2009/2010, a nationwide online survey was undertaken with 358 Generation Y (Gen Y) New Zealand registered nurses to elicit their views about nursing, work, and career." Details
The impact of work relationships on engagement, well-being, commitment and turnover for nurses in Australia and the USA Journal of Advanced Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2013 Brunetto Y; Xerri M; Shriberg A; Farr-Wharton R; Shacklock K; Newman S; Dienger J "We examined the impact of workplace relationships (perceived organizational support, supervisor–nurse relationships and teamwork) on the engagement, well-being, organizational commitment and turnover intentions of nurses working in Australian and USA hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
Differences in preferences for rural job postings between nursing students and practicing nurses: evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Lao People's Democratic Republic Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Rockers PC; Jaskiewicz W; Kruk ME; Phathammavong O; Vangkonevilay P; Paphassarang C; Phachanh IT; Wurts L; Tulenko K "A discrete choice experiment was conducted to investigate preferences for job characteristics among nursing students and practicing nurses to determine how these groups vary in their respective preferences and to understand whether differing policies may be appropriate for each group." Details
Nursing surveillance moderates the relationship between staffing levels and pediatric postoperative serious adverse events: A nested case-control study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Voepel-Lewis T; Pechlavanidis E; Burke C; Talsma AN; "This retrospective, case–control study examined the relationship between surveillance, staffing, and serious adverse events in children on general care postoperative units" (extract from abstract) Details
Reliability of the nursing care hour measure: A descriptive study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Klaus SF; Dunton N; Gajewski B; Potter C "To examine the processes used by hospitals to generate nursing care hour data and to evaluate inter-rater reliability and guideline compliance with standards of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) and the National Quality Forum." (extract from abstract) Details
Psychological contracts and commitment amongst nurses and nurse managers: A discourse analysis International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 McCabe TJ; Sambrook S "This study explores the connections between the psychological contracts and organisational and professional commitment of nurses and nurse managers." (extract from abstract) Details
The effects of supervisors' supportive role, job stress, and work-family conflicts on the nurses' attitudes The Health Care Manager Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Farhadi P; Sharifian R; Feili A; Shokrpour N; "This study developed and tested a research model that examined the effects of supervisor support (SUPPORT), work-family conflict (W-FCON), family-work conflict (F-WCON), and job stress (JSTRESS) on a number of selected consequences using data collected from nurses and nurse axillaries in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences hospitals in Fars province (south of Iran)." (extract from abstract) Details
The relationship between nursing staff levels, skill mix, and deficiencies in Maryland nursing homes Health Care Manager Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Lerner N; "The objective of this data analysis was to explore whether nurse staffing levels and skill mix influenced the number and severity of nursing home deficiencies in Maryland nursing homes." (extract from abstract) Details
The nurse manager practice environment scale: Development and psychometric testing The Journal of Nursing Administration Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Warshawsky NE; Rayens MK; Lake SW; Havens DS; "The objectives of this study were to develop and test a scale designed to describe and assess nurse managers’ practice environments." (extract from abstract) Details
Identification of the psychometric properties of the leadership influence over professional practice environments scale The Journal of Nursing Administration Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Adams JM; Nikolaev N; Ives J; Ditomassi M; Jones DA "This study uses the qualitatively developed Adams Influence Model© (AIM) and concepts from the psychometrically validated Revised Professional Practice Environment scale to guide the development of the Leadership Influence Over Professional Practice Environments Scale" (extract from abstract) Details
Missed nursing care, level of staffing, and job satisfaction: Lebanon versus the United States The Journal of Nursing Administration Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Kalisch BJ; Doumit M; Lee KH; Zein JE; " The objective of this study was to compare the amounts and reasons of missed nursing care, the level of nurse staffing, and job satisfaction between the United States and Lebanon." (extract from abstract) Details
New nurses' perceptions of hostility and job satisfaction: Magnet versus Non-Magnet The Journal of Nursing Administration Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Hickson J; "This study investigated the perceptions of nursing hostility and job satisfaction of new RNs, comparing the working settings of Magnet® and non-Magnet hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
Creating an enabling enviroment for human resources for health program implementation in three African countries CapacityPlus Intrahealth International 2013 Cox CM; Farrell CM; Ng C; Burlew R; Pacqué-Margolis S "...s the principal objective of this qualitative study was to determine the factors that define the enabling environment for successful implementation of HRH interventions in three countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda." (extract from document) Details
Nursing practice environment and outcomes for oncology nursing Cancer Nursing Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Shiang J; Friese CR; Wu EBA; Aiken LH "The objectives of this study were to examine the differences in outcomes such as job dissatisfaction and burnout between oncology nurses and medical-surgical nurses, and to identify factors that affect oncology nurse outcomes." (extract from abstract) Details
Situational analysis of nursing education and workforce in India Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2013 Tiwari RR; Sharma K; Zodpey SP "The purpose of this article is to examine the status of nursing education and the nursing workforce in India and the challenges faced by the profession. " (extract from abstract) Details
Stress and nurses horizontal mobbing: Moderating effects of group identity and group support Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2013 Topa G; Moriano JA; "This study explores the interaction of group support and group identity in the explanation of horizontal mobbing in a sample (N = 388) of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses employed at two large hospitals in Madrid and Navarre (Spain)" (extract from abstract) Details
Having influence: Faculty of color having influence in schools of nursing Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2013 Hassouneh D; Lutz KF "Faculty of color (FOC) play an important role in mentoring students and other FOC in schools of nursing. However, the unique nature of mentoring that FOC provide, which includes transmission of expert knowledge of the operations of racism in nursing academe, is not well understood." (extract from abstract) Details
Continuing the conversation on race and racism Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2013 Hall JM; Fields B; " The authors explore structural and interpersonal sources of disparities experienced by black persons, including white privilege." (extract from abstract) Details
Nursing Workforce Policy and the Economic Crisis: An Global Overview Journal of Nursing Scholarship John Wiley & Sons 2013 Buchan, J; O'May F' Dussault, G Purpose: "To assess the impact of the global financial crisis on the nursing workforce and identify appropriate policy responses." Details
Verbal abuse from nurse colleagues and work environment of early career nurses Journal of Nursing Scholarship John Wiley & Sons 2013 Budin WC; Brewer CS; Chao Y-Y; Kovner C "This study examined relationships between verbal abuse from nurse colleagues and demographic characteristics, work attributes, and work attitudes of early career registered nurses (RNs)." (extract from abstract) Details
The global nursing faculty shortage: Status and solutions for change Journal of Nursing Scholarship John Wiley & Sons 2013 Nardi DA; Gyurko CC; "The nursing faculty shortage is due to a confluence of factors, including the global migration of nurses, a seeming persistent devaluation of faculty by academic programs, disincentives, and an overall reduction in full-time equivalent faculty positions" (extract from abstract) Details
Predicting quality of work life on nurses' intention to leave Journal of Nursing Scholarship Sigma Theta Tau International 2013 lee Y-W; Dai Y-T; Park C-G; McCreary LL; "The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between quality of work life (QWL) and nurses' intention to leave their organization (ITLorg)" (extract from abstract) Details
Building a healthy work environment: A nursing resource team perspective Nursing Leadership Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2013 Vaugan L; Slinge T "... the Building a Healthy Work Environment: A Nursing Resource Team Perspective survey was employed with NRT (Nursing Resource Team) nurses at LHSC (London Health Sciences Centre), and data was collected for use by leadership and staff for creating HWE (Healthy Work Environments) strategies aimed at improving the quality of patient care." (extract from abstract) Details
From Graduation to Employment: A Guide for the New Nurse Practitioner The Journal for Nurse Practitioners Elsevier 2013 Dillion, DL; Hoyson PM (no abstract available) Details
The labor market for health workers in Africa: A new look at the crisis The World Bank 2013 Soucat A; Scheffler R; Donald K "The Labor Market for Health Workers in Africa uses the analytical tools of labor markets to examine the human resource crisis in health from an economic perspective." (extract from website) Details
Understanding the complex drivers of intrinsic motivation for health workers in Malawi USAID 2012 Goldberg AB; Levey IR "The USAID-funded Health Systems 20/20 project conducted a nationally representative study in Malawi and employed both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to assess statistically significant drivers of intrinsic motivation." (extract from website) Details
Supporting minority nursing students: 'Opportunity for success' for Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. International Nursing Review International Council of Nurses 2013 Arieli D; Hirschfeld MJ; Aim - "To report on an Israeli academic nursing project, aimed at supporting the integration of Ethiopian immigrants into nursing studies" (extract from abstract). Details
Labor market trends among registered nurses: 2008 - 2011 Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice SAGE Publications 2013 Benson, A "This study uses recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Registered Nurses (RNs) licensing exam to examine the recession’s effect on the RN labor market. It then reports results of a survey of 518 hospital nursing officers conducted in 2008 and 2010 matched with institutional data from the American Hospital Association (AHA)." (extract from abstract) Details
A Framework for Integrating Internationally Educated Nurses into the Healthcare Workforce Nursing Health Services Research Unit 2013 Baumann A; Blythe J; Idriss-Wheeler D; Fung M; Grabham A "A Framework for Integrating Internationally Educated Nurses into the Health Care Workforce was an initiative designed to answer the call for proposals by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI). The Nursing Health Services Research Unit at McMaster University worked in partnership with the Ontario Hospital Association to enhance
the effective integration of internationally educated nurses (IENs) into the health care workforce through the creation, implementation and evaluation of a web-based leading practice guide targeting employers."
Success and failure in integrated models of nursing for long term conditions: Multiple case studies of whole systems International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2013 Procter S; Wilson PM; Brooks F; Kendall S Objectives - "To explore, identify and characterise the origins, processes and outcomes of effective chronic disease management models and the nursing contributions to such models." Details
Exploring the relationship between social identity and workplace jurisdiction for new nursing roles: A case study approach International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2013 Maxwell E; Baillie L; Rickard W; McLaren SM "The introduction of new healthcare roles internationally has had mixed results with some evidence that variations can be accounted for by the manner of their introduction rather than role content. Explanation may be found partly in the ways in which new roles establish a workplace jurisdiction; that is, recognition in the workplace of a role's legitimate rights to undertake a particular scope of practice." Details
Understanding the factors influencing health-worker employment in South Africa Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 George G; Gow J; Bachoo S "There is little knowledge about the nonfinancial factors that influence HWs choice of employer (public, private or nongovernmental organization) or their choice of work location (urban, rural or overseas). This area is under-researched and this paper aims to fill these gaps in the literature." (extract from abstract) Details
Special Issue: Migration Nursing Leadership Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2013 Various "One aspect of nursing human resources that has been understudied is labour mobility and factors that influence nurses to move from one place to another during their careers. It is very timely to examine this poorly understood factor in nursing supply, given projected nursing shortages in the United States and Canada within this decade, and the recent decision to adopt the American NCLEX examination for entry to practice in place of the Canadian CRNE, effective 2015 (NCSBN 2011). We may be moving into a new period of heightened concern about the supply of nurses in Canada." (excerpt from editorial) Details
Lower Mortality in Magnet Hospitals Medical Care Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 McHugh MD; Kelly LA; Smith HL; Wu ES; Vanak JM; Aiken LH Objectives - "To determine whether Magnet hospitals have lower risk-adjusted mortality and failure-to-rescue compared with non-Magnet hospitals, and to determine the most likely explanations." (extract from abstract) Details
Associations of patient safety outcomes with modles of nursing care organization at unit level in hospitals International Journal for Quality in Health Care Oxford University Press 2013 Dubois C-A, D'Amour D, Tchouaket E, Clarke S; Rvard M & Blais R Objective - "To examine the associations of four distinct nursing care organizational models with patient safety outcomes." (extract from abstract) Details
The Meaning of Evidence-Based Management to Brazilian Senior Nurse Leaders Journal of Nursing Scholarship Sigma Theta Tau International 2013 Spiri WC; MacPhee M "The study objective was to understand the meaning of evidence-based management for senior nurse leaders in accredited, public hospitals in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil." (extract from abstract) Details
A literature review: the role of the private sector in the production of nurses in India, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Reynolds J; Wisaijohn T; Pudpong N; Watthayu N; Dalliston A; Suphanchaimat R; Putthasri W; Sawaengdee K; "This study examines the supply of, demand for, and policy environment of private nurse production in four selected countries." (extract from abstract) Details
The effect of manager exclusion on nurse turnover intention and care quality Western Journal of Nursing Research SAGE Publications 2013 Cottingham MD; Erickson RJ; Diefendorff JM; Bromley G "This study examines whether managerial exclusion varies by generation, race, and gender, and the extent to which these variables, in turn, relate to turnover intention and perceived patient care among a sample of 747 nurses working in hospitals in a midwestern health system." (extract from abstract) Details
Through the back door: nurse migration to the UK from Malawi and Nepal, a policy critique Health Policy and Planning Oxford University Press 2013 Adhikari A; Grigulis A " In this article, we present findings from two independent research studies from Malawi and Nepal, which aimed to examine how overseas nurses encountered and overcame the challenges linked to recent recruitment and migration restrictions." (extract from abstract) Details
Using incentives to attract nurses to remote areas of Tanzania: a contingent valuation study Health Policy and Planning Oxford University Press 2013 Munga MA; Torsvik G; Maestrad O; "This article analyses (1) how financial incentives (salary top-ups) and non-financial incentives (housing and education) affect nurses’ willingness to work in remote areas of Tanzania and (2) how the magnitude of the incentives needed to attract health workers varies with the nurses’ geographic origin and their intrinsic motivation." (extract from abstract) Details
Moral distress, autonomy and nurse-physician collaboration among intensive care unit nurses in Italy Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2013 Karanikola MNK; Albarran JW; Drigo E; Giannakopoulou M; Kalafati M; Mpouzika M; Tsiaousis GZ; Papathanassoglou EDE Ai m - "To explore the level of moral distress and potential associations between moral distress indices and (1) nurse–physician collaboration, (2) autonomy, (3) professional satisfaction, (4) intention to resign, and (5) workload among Italian intensive care unit nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Scaling up health worker production: The bottlenecks and best buys approach Technical Brief 9 CapacityPlus Partnership 2013 Tulenko K; Bailey R; Seifman R; "The Bottlenecks and Best Buys approach entails reviewing a
health professional school’s current capacity and strengths
in the nine core areas with a view toward suggesting ways
to increase the number of qualified graduates responsive to
national health priorities." (extract from document)
Innovative financing options for the preservice education of health professionals Technical Brief 8 CapacityPlus Partnership 2013 Tulenko K; Preker A "..., the USAID-funded CapacityPlus project, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank, and the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) brought together technical experts and stakeholders to discuss and agree on innovative solutions for the financing of preservice education. In addition, the IFC and the World Bank wrote an analysis paper on the issue. Below is a summary of the innovative forms of financing proposed or documented through this process." (extract from document) Details
Hospital staff nurses' shift length associated with safety and quality of care Nursing Care Quality Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2013 Stimpfel AW; Aiken LH "The objective of this study was to analyze hospital staff nurses' shift length, scheduling characteristics, and nurse reported safety and quality." (extract from abstract) Details
Health workforce remuneration: comparing wage levels, ranking, and dispersion of 16 occupational groups in 20 countries Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Tijdens K, de Vries DH and Steinmetz S "This article represents the first attempt to explore remuneration in Human Resources for Health (HRH), comparing wage levels, ranking and dispersion of 16 HRH occupational groups in 20 countries (Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Republic of South Africa (RSA), Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK), and United States of America (USA)). The main aim is to examine to what extent the wage rankings, standardized wage levels, and wage dispersion are similar between the 16 occupational groups and across the selected countries and what factors can be shown to be related to the differences that emerge." (extract from abstract) Details
The Aged Care Workforce: Final Report 2012 Commonwealth of Australia 2012 King D, Mavromaras K, Wei Z, He Bryan, Healy J, Macaitis K. Moskos M and Smith L "This report provides detailed information about the workforce that delivers aged care to older Australians in both residential and community care. ... The report focuses primarily on direct care workers who are PAYG employees in residential facilities and community outlets, including Nurse Practitioners (NP), Registered Nurses (RN), Enrolled Nurses (EN), Personal Care Attendants (PCA) / Community Care workers (CCW), Allied Health Professionals (AHP) and Allied Health Assistants
(AHA)" (extract from abstract)
A comparison of the effects of fixed- and rotating-shift schedules on nursing staff attention levels: A randomized trial Biological research for nursing SAGE Publications 2012 Niu S-F, Chu H, Chen C-H, Chang Y-S, Liao Y-M and Chou K-R "Sleep deficit affects neurobehavioral functioning, reduces attention and cognitive function, and negatively impacts occupational safety. This study investigated selective attention levels of nursing staff on different shifts." (extract from abstract) Details
State of science: The relationship between nursing staffing and patient outcomes Western Journal of Nursing Research SAGE Publications 2013 Brennan CW, Daly BJ and Jones KR "Over a decade of research on the relationship between nurse staffing and patient outcomes has demonstrated the important role of nurses in the provision of high-quality, safe care, yet currently, no evidence-based nurse staffing guidelines exist. A systematic review of reviews was conducted to explore reasons why this is the case and recommend directions for future research to improve upon this gap" (extract from abstract" Details
Differences in wage rates for males and females in the health sector: a consideration fo unpaid overtime to decompose the gender wage gap Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Vecchio N, Scuggham PA, Hilton MF and Whiteford HA "This study aimed to identify the magnitude of gender wage differentials within the health sector. The investigation accounts for unpaid overtime. Given the limited availability of information, little empirical evidence exists that accounts for unpaid overtime." (extract from abstract) Details
Measuring health workers' motivation in rural health facilities: baseline results from three study districts in Zambia Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Mutale W, Aylea H, Bond V, Mwanamwenge T and Balabanova D "We assessed health worker motivation as part of the baseline assessment for a health system strengthening intervention in three rural districts in Zambia. The intervention (Better Health Outcomes Through Mentoring and Assessment (BHOMA)) aims to increase health worker motivation through training, mentoring and support." (extract from abstract) Details
Human Resource Management Assessment Approach USAID/Capacity Plus 2013 Marsden P, Caffrey M and McCaffrey J "The CapacityPlus partnership has developed this human resources
management (HRM) assessment approach to guide policy-makers,
managers, and human resources (HR) practitioners toward better
understanding and responding to HRM challenges facing their
health systems." (extract from document)
Nursing shortage: The Facts and Strategies in Macao Society Online Journal of Issues in Nursing American Nurses Association 2013 Liu M, Lam B, Fong P and Yuan HB " In this article, the authors describe the nursing shortage in Macao SAR, discuss factors contributing to the shortage, and present strategies used to manage the shortage." (extract from abstract) Details
A preceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses: A study of preceptees' perceptions Nurse Education Today Elsevier 2013 Marks-Maran D, Ooms A, Tapping J, Muir J, Phillips S and Burke L "This paper presents the evaluation of a preceptorship programme for newly-qualified nurses (NQNs) to determine preceptee engagement with the preceptorship programme, and the impact, value and sustainability of the programme from the preceptees' perspectives." (extract from abstract) Details
Patient and visitor assault on nurse and midwives: An exploratory study of employer 'protective' factors International Journal of Mental Health Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2012 Farrell GA, Shafiei T and Chan S-P "The present study is part of a larger survey that explored nurses' and midwives' experiences of PVA using the Department of Human Services, Victoria (2007) definition of occupational violence and bullying. Participants were asked about the presence of ‘protective’ factors in their workplace and the importance of having these factors to prevent and manage workplace aggression. " (extract from abstract) Details
Work demands, social support, and job satisfaction in eating disorder inpatient settings: A qualitative study International Journal of Mental Health Nursing John Wiley & Sons 2013 Davey A, Arcelus J and Munir F "In this qualitative study, we aimed to investigate work demands experienced by health-care workers in an adult eating disorder inpatient service. We also aimed to investigate the use of social support and job satisfaction in this setting." (extract from abstract) Details
Nursing stress and patient care: real-time investigation of the effect of nursing tasks and demands on psychological stress, physiological stress, and job performance: study protocol Journal of Advanced Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2013 Farquharson B, Bell C, Johnston D, Jones M, Schofield P, Allan J, Ricketts I, Morrison K and Johnston M " In this study, we will investigate theoretical models of stress and use multiple methods, including real-time data collection, to assess the relationship between stress and different nursing tasks in general medical and surgical ward nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Job demands and personal resources in their relations to indicators of job strain among nurses for older people Journal of Advanced Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2013 Schmidt K-H and Diestel S Aims - "To examine the role of two personal resources (active, problem-focused coping; self-efficacy beliefs) in the relation between job demands and strain." (extract from abstract) Details
Work engagement supports nurse workforce stability and quality of care: nursing team-level analysis in psychiatric hospitals Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Van Bogaert P, Wouters K, Willems R, Mondelaers M and Clarke S "The current study investigated the relationship of nurse practice environment aspects and work engagement (vigour, dedication and absorption) to job outcomes and nurse-reported quality of care variables within teams using a multilevel design in psychiatric inpatient settings." (extract from abstract) Details
Violence experienced by nurses at six university hospitals in Turkey Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Atan SU, Arabaci LB, Sirin A, Isler A, Donmez A, Guler MU, Oflaz U, Ozdemir GY and Tasbasi FY "This research was conducted to analyse the violence experienced by nurses employed at six university hospitals. A descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted." (extract from abstract) Details
Human resource governance: what does governance mean for the health workforce in low- and middle-income countries? Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2013 Kaplan AD, Dominis S, Palen JGH and Quain EE "A qualitative analysis of Health System Assessment (HSA) data, a rapid indicator-based methodology that determines the key strengths and weaknesses of a health system using a set of internationally recognized indicators, was completed to determine how 20 low- and middle-income countries are operationalizing health governance to improve health workforce performance" (extract from abstract) Details
Using mimimum nurse staffing regulations to measure the relationship between nursing and hospital quality of care Medical Care Research and Review SAGE Publications 2013 Spetz J, Harless DW, Herrera C-N and Mark BA "This study tests whether changes in licensed nurse staffing led to changes in patient safety, using the natural experiment of 2004 California implementation of minimum staffing ratios." (extract from abstract) Details
Strengthening Health Systems in North and Central America: What role for Migration Regional Migration Study Group 2013 Squires A and Beltran-Sanchez H " Using a comparative case study, this report looks at health care services and human resources in all five countries* to identify constraints on health care capacity. Nursing personnel are the focus of the report." (extract from Executiev Summary).

* El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and United States
Migration and mobility of skilled health workers from selected pacific island countries Human Resources for Health Knowledg Hub, University of New South Wales 2013 Doyle, J and Roberts G "This report examines international and internal migration of skilled health workers (SHWs) from six Pacific Island countries (PICs) – Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu (referred to here as ‘selected PICs’)." (extract from Executive Summary) Details
Levels and correlates of implicit rationing of nursing care in acute care hospitals - A cross sectional study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Schubert M, Ausserhofer D, desmedt M, Schwendimann R, Lesaffre E, Baoyue L and De Geest S Objectives: "(1) To describe the levels of implicit rationing of nursing care in Swiss acute care hospitals; (2) to explore the association between nine selected potential rationing predictors and implicit rationing of nursing care." Details
Relationship between life satisfaction and quality of life in Turkish nursing school students Nursing & Health Sciences Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd 2013 Yildrim Y, Kilic SP and Akyol AD "The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between life satisfaction and quality of life of nursing students." Details
The impact of the work environment of nurses on patient safety outcomes: A multi-level modelling approach International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Kirwan M, Matthews A and Scott PA "This study sought to explore the relationship between the ward environment in which nurses practice and specific patient safety outcomes, using ward level variables as well as nurse level variables." Details
Changes in hospital nurse work environments and nurse job outcomes: An analysis of panel data International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2013 Kutney-Lee A, Wu ES, Sloane DM and Aiken LH Objectives - "To demonstrate how rates of burnout, intention to leave, and job dissatisfaction changed in a panel of hospitals over time, and to explore whether these outcomes were associated with changes in nurse work environments." (extract from abstract) Details