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LFC Vision, Mission and Key Strategic Aims


Nursing in the 21st century will have nurses at a country and organisational level equipped with the knowledge, strategies and strength to lead and manage in health services and in nursing through change and into a healthier future for all populations.


To prepare selected nurses for management and leadership in health system reform, with the specific aim of enhancing their contribution to the health services through appropriate and proactive leadership strategies.

To be effective, today’s nurse leader must:

  • Understand health system reform and its impact
  • Be visionary
  • Think strategically
  • Plan effectively
  • Contribute to policy development
  • Manage change
  • Work effectively in teams, partnerships and alliances

Key Strategic Aims

To assist senior nurses at a country or organisational level to:

  • Influence health policy and decisions.
  • Be effective leaders and managers in nursing and health services.
  • Prepare other future nurse managers and leaders for changing health services.
  • Influence changes in nursing curricula, so future nurses are prepared appropriately.
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