Today, many countries are struggling with fewer resources, shortages of health care workers, and increasingly ill patients.  These situations, coupled with advances in technology and increases in lifespan - and our own cultural and religious beliefs and social norms - create ethical dilemmas for nurses and others.  ICN works to guide nurses in everyday choices and supports their refusal to participate in activities that conflict with caring and healing.


  • Positions statements related to human rights and ethical issues:
  1. Armed conflict: Nursing’s perspective
  2. Cloning and human health
  3. Nurses and human rights
  4. Torture, death penalty and participation by nurses in executions
  5. Nurses’ role in providing care to dying patients and their families
  6. Nurses’ role in the care of detainees and prisoners
  7. Elimination of female genital mutilation
  8. ICN advocacy for human rights and ethical issues
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