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    Educational Preparation Objective E: Nurse Educator Careers
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    Canadian Nurses Association
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    Rukholm E, Bailey PH, Mossey S, Duncan C , McBride W and Idriss D
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    [Excerpt from authors] The Canadian health care system faces a crisis related to an impending large shortage of registered nurses (RNs). Many research studies have focused on implementing policy, planning and programming to meet the vast future demands for nursing. Associated with an increased demand for nurses, there is a greater need for nurse educators. This project examined Canadian nurse educator programs (diploma and degree) that lead to registration in nursing-regulated professions (RN, Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)), using data and information collected through surveys, telephone interviews, focus group discussions and document reviews. It identifies incentives for and barriers against careers in nursing-education delivery. Its research approach includes a literature review, surveys, key informant interviews and a document review. Key findings indicate that common barriers centre on salary, resources, professional development and workload. Incentives include a love of teaching and a commitment to the development of the profession. Nurses and graduate students most often identified salary as the factor requiring intervention to make nursing education more attractive. This is paralleled in the narrative data where prospective nurse educators most often identified salary, workload, opportunities and support for professional development, availability of full-time employment, and infrastructure support as factors that influence the choice to enter the nurse educator profession.
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Education, Training and Development
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