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  • Date
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    Anxiety symptoms among Chinese nurse and the associated factors: a cross sectional study
  • Journal

    BMC Psychiatry
  • Publisher
    BioMed Central
  • Year
  • Author
    Gao Y-Q, Pan B-C, Sun W, Wu H, Wang J-N & Wang L
  • Description
    "Nurses are an indispensable component of the work force in the health care system. However, many of them are known to work in a stressful environment which may affect their mental well-being; the situation could be worse in rapidly transforming societies such as China. The purpose of this study was to investigate anxiety symptoms and the associated factors in Chinese nurses working in public city hospitals." (extract from abstract)
  • Categories
    Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    anxiety, wellbeing, health, work environment, China
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