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    Cross-mapping JANS’s Classification of Nursing Practice© to ICNP®
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    Katsumasa Ota
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    October 2005 to Present
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    Japan Academy of Nursing Sciences (JANS) has developed 211 terms, which were structurally defined form multidirectional view as to nursing practices through 6 years of investigation. These terms may be the only standardized nursing language as to nursing practice in Japan at this time. Prior to introduction of ICNP® to Japan and the Japanese translation, it is very important to evaluate the feasibility of whether ICNP® is going to fit the Japanese nursing language. This project will examine how appropriately and easily JANS terminologies as a representative of Japanese nursing language are going to be cross-mapped to ICNP®. The result of the research project will show both suggestions and problems when we introduce ICNP® in our nursing information systems. Update: This project has conducted description of half of the JANS terms by ICNP. The result shows JANS terms can be described considerably properly by ICNP along with some problems; 1) lack of several terms that express popular nursing actions in Japan, 2) necessity of flexibility of axis definition in order to utilize existing terms in other axis, 3) necessity of detail guideline to describe specific nursing action using medication and/or devices that ICNP(R) does not include. Our project will help introduction of ICNP in Japan.
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