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    EHR project in Ireland
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    Damon Berry
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    August 2007 - Present
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    EHRland is a three year project funded by HIQA to complete a technological assessment of the five-part European Electronic Healthcare Record standard CEN EN 13606. CEN EN13606 is the standard for exchanging partial or whole electronic healthcare records within Ireland. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the term used to describe the amalgamation of all the useful clinical information that has been collected and stored by different people in different locations about a patient. The key features of the EHR are that it is patient centred and all information can be accessed from one place no matter where the information is physically held. The project will examine the effectiveness of employing user archetypes to allow domain experts to reach agreement on the information to be exchanged and the context of that information. To date a number of groups have been established to define the data requirements for a set of archetypes for inclusion in the EHRland project. One group is within the domain of nursing. Community nurses have created a patient assessment tool to enhance inter organisational communication between the acute and primary care services. The data derived from this initiative will inform the EHRland project development team and act as a starting point for future development work in the area of clinical data standards development. The methodology used to perform the technological assessment of the EHRcom standard will consider issues of implementation, integration and security As was the case with the Irish Nursing Minimum Dataset (INMDS) data elements of the assessment tool will be mapped with ICNP.
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