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    Crossmapping ICNP® and SNOMED CT®
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    Rebecca Qualey
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    2005 to Present
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    The standardization of terminology is a critical dependency for any computerized patient information system to be successfully implemented. In 1999 the American Nurses Association acknowledged the Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine, Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT®) as "the clinical reference terminology to support the integrated electronic health record for nursing." SNOMED CT® was developed by the College of American Pathologists as a reference terminology representing a broad array of health care concepts. There continues to be a subcommittee at SNOMED CT® International focused on bringing together established nursing terminologies to facilitate comprehensive documentation of nursing care. Currently SNOMED CT® contains nursing content cross mapped from Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC®), Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC®), North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA®), Clinical Care Classification (CCC®, formerly HHCC), and the Omaha System®. The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®), developed by the International Council of Nurses, is a classification of nursing phenomena, actions, and outcomes that provides a unifying framework into which regional nursing languages, vocabularies, and classifications can be crossed mapped. In a collaborative effort NANDA International & ICNP® are in the process of identifying how NANDA® diagnoses are represented in ICNP®. Such efforts to cross map terminologies will support clinical decision making, data mining, benchmarking, and comparisons of nursing data across organizations, various healthcare sectors, and even countries. This informatics graduate student project will explore which concepts in ICNP® Version 1 are represented in SNOMED CT®. In agreement with Apelon, Inc, its software suite, TermWorks®, will be used to compare and examine the concepts represented in both ICNP® and SNOMED CT®. The core content of SNOMED CT® and ICNP® will not be revised or changed.
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