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    ICNP® Catalogs for Specialty Clinical Areas and Basic Health Care Units
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    Telma Ribeiro Garcia and Maria Miriam Lima Nobrega
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    February 2008 - Present
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    To develop, based on two banks of terms of nursing special language constructed in a previous project, ICNP® catalogs for specialty clinical areas and basic health care units; to validate the ICNP® catalogs’ nursing diagnoses/outcomes and interventions statements; and test each ICNP® catalogs, with the completion of case studies in the clinical area for which it was drawn, i.e., specialty clinical areas or basic health care units. In the case of the specialty clinical areas, there are two possibilities. The first is to develop ICNP® catalogs more general in nature, containing statements of nursing diagnoses/outcomes and interventions related to the hospitalized patients’ common needs. The second is to develop ICNP® catalogs for specific groups of patients, namely, with cardiac, pulmonary, renal, gastrointestinal or oncological problems, among others. That is, the priorities and focus of development of the catalogs will be defined as the project gets under way. In the case of ICNP® catalogs to be developed for the basic health care, the option was to establish women's health as an initial target. However, just as has been described in the case of the specialty clinical areas, priorities and focus of development of catalogs for the basic health care can diversify as the project is implemented.
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