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    A study of Nursing Minimum Data Set in Inpatients Departments of Queen Sawangwattana Memorial Hospital at Sriracha
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    Chuenrutai Yeekian
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    This retrospective descriptive research aimed to study nursing data comprising the American Nurses Association’s Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS) at Queen Sawangwattana Memorial Hospital, Sriracha. The nursing care elements were collected using International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP®) Beta version and Warstler’s patient classification system. The samples were 377 medical records of inpatients, a random sampling from the records of 18,565 patients discharged between 1st October 2001 and 31st September 2002. NMDS elements were collected using a researcher’s developed instrument with 2-week test-retest reliability of 94.4 percent agreement. The findings show a high percentage of incomplete NMDS data (99.2%) with 98.1% incomplete service elements, 74.0% incomplete patient/client demographic elements and 6.1% incomplete nursing care elements. The capability of using ICNP® to code the typical nursing care plan was 86.2% for the nursing phenomena and 99.2% for the nursing interventions. The average number of nursing phenomena per patient was1.8 and nursing intervention was 7.7. Nursing outcomes were recorded for 80.5% of all nursing phenomena. There were 99.3% improve nursing outcomes, 0.7% stabilized nursing outcomes and no poor nursing outcomes. Although there were some constraints for its structure, terms and coding, the ICNP® Beta version was adequate to describe nursing care elements of the NMDS. The nursing intensity per patient day ranged from 1.8 to12.0 hours, with a mean of 4.8 hours. These findings were consistent with the relative weight and length of stay estimated by the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Thai version 2.0 and the nursing staff planning at Queen Sawangwattana Memorial Hospital for the year 2003 for all nursing departments except for the obstetric and gynecological department. Presentation [PowerPoint]

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