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    ICNP® Validation Project in Taiwan
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    Yann-Fen Chao
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    September 2004-Present
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    The project goals are to evaluate the adequacy of the items in the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) terminology in describing nursing practice in Taiwan. Taiwan Nurses Association (TWNA) conducted a nationwide project to validate its completeness and congruency in coding nursing records of current clinical practice. The aim of this project was to evaluate the applicability of ICNP® Beta version and identify the area or degree of inadequacy of ICNP® in coding Taiwanese nursing practice using mandarin as the charting language. Data were collected during September to December of 2004, and were expected to have 5800 shift reports from 29 nursing units of 12 medical centers distributed in Taiwan area. The 29 wards included surgical-medical wards, pediatric wards, emergency, intensive care units and psychiatric departments. Each shift report is divided to many individual sentences and each sentence was mapped to terms in ICNP® by Chinese ICNP® browser developed by TWNA. The criteria to assess congruency of the coding results were: level 1, the same terms are found; level 2; the similar terms are found; level 3, extra words such as laboratory data, educational context or result of physical assessment were needed to complete the record; level 4, no term could be found. There were 12 medical center participated in this project. A total of 24,722 sentences of 4243 shifts reports from 29 wards were processed by the research team. Among them, 8585 sentences (34.7%) were nursing phenomena and 16137 sentences (65.3%) were nursing intervention taken. In mapping, 9753 sentences (39.56%) completely found the same terms (level 1); 3703 sentences (15.0%) found similar terms (level 2); 10189 sentence (41.2%) needed to type in extra words, such as laboratory data, educational contents or result of physical assessment (level 3); 1077 sentences (4.4%) were unable to found any term to fit them (level 4). Sentences categorized into level 4 were about patients’ subjective expression, nurses’ description of patient’s behaviors, experiences, and the procedures of surgery. Sentences of level 3 and 4 were evaluated further by a group of experts for their significance in describing nursing practice and proposing suggestion of adding terms onto ICNP. Sentence which did not describe nursing focus, judgment, or nursing actions were eliminated from the list. There were 33 terms (25 focus and 8 body sites) in nursing phenomena and 29 terms (4 action types, 3 target, 14 means, and 8 locations) in nursing intervention were concluded, their codes along with definitions were also developed. We suggest ICN to consider of adding these terms in ICNP terminology system.
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