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    Composing a New Generation of Nursing
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    Marcia Regina Cubas
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    2007 - 2013
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    This research project is developed under the supervision and coordination of Profa. Dra. Andreia Malucelli and Profa. Dra. Marcia Regina Cubas, and has engaged master students of the Post-graduated Program in Health Technology (PPGTS) and graduate students of Nursing and Information Systems courses, of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), Brazil. This research includes as object of study, the ICNP®, whose Brazilian contribution is named CIPESC® (International Classification for Nursing Practice in Collective Health). CIPESC® was based on ICNP® Beta Version to organize its terms. The latest version of ICNP®, version 1.1, is represented as an ontology. This research project aims to develop an ontology with the same hierarchy as ICNP® 1.1, including constraints to restrict the possible combination between its axes. The ontology will be integrated in an information system to assist the nursing diagnosis, intervention and outcome process to be used by professionals that are not experts in classification systems, as well as, to support the teaching/learning process. The main objective of this research project is to evaluate the applicability of a computational system to support the diagnostic reasoning using ICNP®/CIPESC®. The specific objectives are: to establish and evaluate a semantic equivalence between ICNP® and CIPESC® terms; to develop a CIPESC® ontology; to establish constraints between the CIPESC® axes to elaborate nursing diagnostics, intervention and outcome; to model an information system to integrate the ontology using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) approach; to elaborate a computational pedagogical tool for supporting the teaching/learning process; and to implement the information system integrating the ontology. The research subjects involved are 50 nursing and 10 post-graduate students in related areas, in Brazil. There will be five consulters professors of post-graduated programs, which are nursing classification systems researches or ontology researches. The project was approved by the PUCPR Ethical committee, number 1298/07, according to the Resolution 196/96 of the National Council of Health in Brazil.

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