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Contact Information Sheet
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    Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia
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    Vidovdanska 9
    1000 Ljubljana


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    +386 1 430 52 80
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    + 386 1 231 60 55
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    Mrs. Bojana Filej
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    The Nurses Association of Slovenia was established in 1992.  The tasks which were already stated in the statute of the Association of Nurses and Health Technicians Societies of Slovenia, were expanded into this group. Nurses Association of Slovenia - Association of Nurses and Health Technicians Societies of Slovenia is the only professional organization of nurses.

    Its main purposes are to:

    • unite nurses and health technicians from the entire country and to represent their professional, social and economic interests;
    • develop and promote modern nursing care; and
    • provide quality nursing care for all people. (accessed on 23/04/2009)

    Tasks of the organisation include:

    • coordinating the profession;
    • preparing legislation which regulates the field;
    • representing political positions to enable and ensure professional development of nursing,
    • establishing appropriate status for nursing care providers in the society;
    • monitoring and participating in education of nurses;
    • developing nursing research. (accessed on 23.04.2009).

  • Health System

    The health care delivery system is defined by the Law on Medical Services.Apart from public health care institutions (health care centres and hospitals), some private health care institutions are also part of the public health network.

    Health care capacity is structured at three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. At the primary level, health care centres provide health care to the population of one or several communities. Specialist care at the secondary level is organized in regional general hospitals, hospitals covering specific specialties and specialist outpatient practice organized within hospitals or health care centres or as independent practices (private specialist practices – see above). The tertiary level includes university hospitals and institutes, performing highly specialized services, education, research, transfer of knowledge and development. Tertiary care services are generally organized at the national level.

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - Health Systems in Transition – Slovenia (2002) (accessed on 23/04/2009)

    Validated January 2009

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