Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    State Health Care Accreditation Agency (Sveikatos Apsaugos Ministerija)
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    Postal Address
    5 Z.Liauksmino
    LT 01101

    Location Address
    5 Z.Liauksmino
    LT 01101

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    + 370 5 279 1385
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    + 370 5 212 7310
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    Mrs. Audra Knyviene
    Nursing Advisor
  • Regulatory Body
    The competent authority for nursing in Lithuania is the state health care accreditation agency, which is a department of the Ministry of Health.
    The federal register for nursing professionals was established in October 2005. Registration for nurses and midwifes is compulsory. (accessed on 23.04.2009)
  • Health System
    The vast majority of Lithuanian health care institutions are non-profit-making enterprises. Public health care institutions are financed by the Statutory Health Insurance Fund (SHIF). Property rights and administrative functions fall under the jurisdiction of the central government (Ministry of Health), its ten county branches (the county administration), or the 56 municipalities.

    In addition to publicly provided health care, a private sector has developed, providing mostly outpatient health care services which are paid for out-of-pocket. The Ministry of Health is responsible for general supervision of the entire health care system.

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory on Health Care Systems. Health Care Systems in Transition – Lithuania 2000 (accessed 23.04.2009)

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    55.169438, 23.881275
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