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Contact Information Sheet
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    The Federation of the IPASVI Colleges Federazione Nationale Collegi Infermieri (IPAVI)
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    Via Agostino Depretis 70

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    +39 646 200 101
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    +39 646 200 131
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    Mrs Annalisa Silvestro
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    The Federation of the Ipasvi Colleges (Federazione dei Collegi Ipasvi) is the body that represents Italian nurses on a national basis. The national Federation coordinates the Provincial Colleges and one of their main institutional duties is to keep the Registers of the professionals. In order to practice their profession, nurses are obliged to register. The elections to renew the local and national boards of directors are held every three years.

    The Provincial Colleges are non-profit bodies by public law, established and regulated by specific laws (Dlcps 233/46 and Dpr 221/50). The law grants Colleges an external and an internal aim.

    The first one is the protection of the citizen/client, who has the right, sanctioned by the Constitution; to receive health care services by qualified personnel, holding a specific fitness-to-practice title, with no pending suits against them.

    The second aim is for the registered nurses, because the College has to ensure their level of competence, by exerting discipline, opposing abuses, ensuring nurses comply with the Deontological Code, exerting the tariff regulations, encouraging the cultural development of the registered nurses, guaranteeing information, providing supporting services that help nurses practice their profession in the most correct manner.

    In Italy there are 100 Ipasvi Colleges. Ipasvi is a non-profit organisation. All activities are financed by the registration fees, which each College fixes according to its operating costs. Each candidate in order to practise the nursing profession has to obtain nursing education which is organised in the five level system. (accessed on 23.04.2009).

  • Health System
    Italy’s health care system is a regionally based national health service that provides universal coverage free of charge at the point of service. The system is organized at three levels: national, regional and local. The national level is responsible for ensuring the general objectives and fundamental principles of the national health care system. Regional governments, through the regional health departments, are responsible for ensuring the delivery of a benefit package through a network of population-based health management organizations (local health units) and public and private accredited hospitals.

    Sourced from
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Health Care Systems in Transition – Italy 2001) (accessed on 23.04.2009).

    Validated July 2008

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