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    Ministry of Health for Germany
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    Am Propsthof 78a
    53121  Bonn

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    Am Propsthof 78a
    53121  Bonn

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    49 (228) 941-0 or 01888/441-0
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    Germany formally implemented the EEC sectoral nursing directives of 1977 by the Nursing Act of June 1985 (the Krankenpflegegesetz).

    The federal structure accounts for a system of divided responsibility. The system of Rahmengesetzgebung applies in this legislative area according to Art. 74, no. 19 of the Basic Law3. Federal law regulates the basic training for nurses and sets out the framework for the training of nurses in general, but it is for the Länder to implement it within the guidelines of the Nursing Act and the rules and regulations for the training and general provisions of exams 1985.

    Post basic nurse education is left to the Länder. This has resulted in different Länder recognising different types of specialities. In the post basic sector various, mostly independent, organisations and institutions are involved in providing the training. The DKG (Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft) has produced a series of recommendations that are generally used by the Länder which have not in fact legislated post basic nurse training. 2000 02 Germany.pdf (accessed 20.04.2008)

  • Health System

    The Federal Republic of Germany is a Federal state. The Länder are responsible for general hospital care, general medical care outside hospital, care of elderly or chronically sick patients, health education and public health.

    In December 2003, Germany had 82.5 million inhabitants, 66.6 million in the western part, 13.5 million in the eastern part and 3.4 million in Berlin. Since reunification, the population in the eastern part decreased from 15.9 million in 1991 to 13.5 in 2003, attributable to migration to the west and the very low birth rate in the east. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

    A fundamental facet of the German the health care system – is the sharing of decision-making powers between the Länder, the federal government and legitimized civil society organizations. In health care, governments traditionally delegate competencies to membership-based, self-regulated organizations of payers and providers.

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Health Care Systems in Transition – Germany 2004) (accessed on 23.04.2009)

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