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Contact Information Sheet
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    National Authority of Medicolegal Affairs Terveydenhuollon (Oikeusturvakeskus)
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    PO Box 265

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    Lintulahdenkatu 10

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    +358 9 772920
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    +358 9 7729 2138
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    Mrs. Pirjo Pannanen
  • Regulatory Body

    The National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs (TEO) operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to guide and supervise the provision of health services in Finland. Its purpose is to improve social and health care service quality through guidance and supervisory activity/ supervision.

    TEO also undertakes activities related to the registration of healthcare professionals, forensic psychiatry and licensing.  It is also responsible for issues on abortion, sterilisation, forensic psychiatry, use of human organs and tissues in medicine and medical research, and death investigations.

    TEO keeps a central register of health care professionals (TERHIKKI), which contains data of the right to practise a profession of over 300,000 health care professionals.  It has access to about 300 experts who are chosen for a term of four years and represent scientific or other expertise meaningful for the activities of the office. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

    TEO grants, upon application, the right to practice as a licenced or authorised professional and authorises the use of the occupational title of healthcare professional. TEO is a competent authority, which receives applications and issues decisions on the above matters, also in cases where training has been undertaken outside of Finland.  A person practicing as a healthcare professional in Finland without a licence may be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment. (Accessed 23.04.2009)
    Finnish Act (559/1994) and Decree (564/19994) (accessed 23.04.2009)

  • Health System

    Finland is divided into six provinces, each of which is headed by a State Provincial Office, which in turn is led by a Governor. The social and health departments of the State Provincial Offices are responsible for guidance and supervision of the social welfare and health care sector in their respective provinces.

    The responsibility for organizing health care in Finland lies with the approximately 440 municipalities across the country. These can either provide health care services independently or join with neighbouring municipalities in joint municipal boards which maintain a joint health centre. A municipality can also buy in health care services from other municipalities, non-governmental organizations or the private sector.

    Hospital districts formed by municipalities are responsible for arranging specialized medical care.

    Legislation sets out the basic nature and operating framework for the health care services, but not the scope, content or organization of services. Public health care is supplemented by private health care, especially in the larger municipalities. (accessed 23.04.2009).

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