Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Health Care Board (Tervishoiuvamet)
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    Gonsiori 29
    15157 Tallinn

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    Gonsiori 29
    15157 Tallinn

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    +372 650 98 40
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    +372 650 98 44
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    Not available
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    Mrs. Evi Lindmae
    Nursing Advisor
  • Regulatory Body

    The Health Care Board (the Board) is a government agency which operates within the Ministry of Social Affairs, has a directing function within the scope of its authority, exercises state supervision and applies enforcement powers of the state on the basis, to the extent and pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the Health Services Organisation Act (RT I 2001, 50, 284) and other Acts.

    The Board reports to the Minister of Social Affairs, who guides and co-ordinate its activities and exercises supervisory control pursuant to the procedure prescribed by law.

    The Board has the following areas of activity: registration of health care professionals; issue of licenses; exercise of state supervision and application of the enforcement powers of the state, based on procedures prescribed by the Health Services Organisation Act and other Acts; organisation of the activities of emergency medical care and emergency preparedness within the scope of its authority; and making of proposals for the legal regulation of its areas of activity.
    For performing its functions in the area of registration of health care professionals, the Board:

    • registers persons as health care professionals following procedures prescribed by law;
    • maintains the register of health care professionals. (accessed 23.04.2009) (accessed 23.04.2009)

  • Health System

    Since regaining independence in 1991, the Estonian health system has undergone two major shifts: first, from a centralized, state-controlled system to a decentralized one; and second, from a system funded by the state budget to one funded through social health insurance contributions. At the same time, there has been a growing emphasis on primary care and public health.

    Health care provision has been almost completely decentralized since the passing of the new Health Services Organization Act in May 2001 (with effect from 2002). The Act defines four types of health care: primary care provided by family doctors, emergency medical care, specialized (secondary and tertiary) medical care and nursing care. Health care providers are autonomous.

    Sourced from: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - Health Systems in Transition – Estonia (2004) (accessed 23.04.2009)

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