Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    South Africa
  • Organisation
    South African Nursing Council
  • Address

    Postal Address
    P O Box 1123,
    Pretoria, 0001,
    Republic of South Africa

    Location Address
    602 Pretorius Street,
    Pretoria, 0083
    Republic of South Africa

  • Phone
    +27 12 420 1000
  • Fax
    +27 12 343 5400
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  • Contact Point
    Ms Thandi Manganye
    Acting Registrar and CEO
  • Regulatory Body
    The South African Nursing Council is the body entrusted to set and maintain standards of nursing education and practice in the Republic of South Africa.

    It is an autonomous, financially independent, statutory body, initially established by the Nursing Act, No. 45 of 1944, and currently by the Nursing Act, No. 50 of 1978 as amended.

    The South African Nursing Council is involved in the monitoring of nursing standards by:

    • registering nurse practitioners, therefore permitting them to practice as nurses,
    • accreditation of new nurse training institutions and education programmes, inspection of training institutions and clinical facilities,
    • constantly renewing nursing education to be inline with the needs of the Republic of South Africa; and
    • providing counseling and guidance to the nursing profession regarding the implementation of the Council’s nursing education policies. (accessed on 22.04.2009)

  • Health System
    South Africa's health system consists of a large public sector and a smaller but fast-growing private sector. Health care varies from the most basic primary health care, offered free by the State, to highly specialised hi-tech health services available in the private sector.

    Although the State contributes about 40% of all expenditure on health, the public health sector is under pressure to deliver services to about 80% of the population. Despite this, most resources are concentrated in the private health sector, which sees to the health needs of the remaining 20% of the population.

    Most health professionals, except nurses, work in private hospitals. With the public sector's shift in emphasis from acute to primary health care in recent years, private hospitals have begun to take over many tertiary and specialist health services.

    Public health consumes around 11% of the government's total budget, which is allocated and spent by the nine provinces. How these resources are allocated, and the standard of health care delivered, varies from province to province. (accessed on 22.04.2009)

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