Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Sri Lanka
  • Organisation
    Sri Lanka Medical College Council
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    Postal Address
    Director Nursing (Medical Services)
    Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition
    Colombo 10

    Location Address
    Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition
    Colombo 10

  • Phone
    011 94 1 672 002
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    019 94 1 691711
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    Registrar: Swarna Amarasinghe
  • Regulatory Body

    The Nursing Council Act Number 19 for the establishment of nursing council was adopted in 1988. Because certain matters in the contents of the Act debarred it from implementation in 2005, amendments were passed by the parliament. There is no provision to register midwives in the Nursing Council Act. Currently, nurses and midwives are registered under the Medical Council. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

  • Health System

    Sri Lanka has an extensive network of public health clinics and hospitals.Most people live within 5 km of a health facility. However, decentralization is incomplete, with reliance on tertiary and secondary level hospitals and under-utilization of primary care facilities which often lack staff and service quality. (accessed on 22.04.2009)

    The government health sector takes care of healthcare needs of the vast majority of the population. The private sector in health had been small in terms of service provisions and financing. It is only recently that the private sector has been growing mostly in urban areas. The private sector contribution has been mainly in urban areas.

    The broad aim of the health policy of Sri Lanka is to increase life expectancy and improve quality of life. This is to be achieved by controlling preventable diseases and by health promotion activities. The concern of the Sri Lankan government is to address health problems like inequities in health service provision, care of elderly and disabled, non-communicable diseases, accidents and suicides, substance abuse and malnutrition. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

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    7.5986891, 80.72144170000001
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