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Contact Information Sheet
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    Nursing Council of Kenya
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    P.O.Box 20056 (00200)




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    Nursing Council of Kenya Plaza

    Kabarnet Lane Off Ngong Road



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    + 254203873556; + 254721920567; + 254733924669
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    The Registrar
    Nursing Council of Kenya
    Jostine Mutinda
  • Regulatory Body

    Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) is a statutory body of the Ministry of Health.  It is established under an Act of Parliament (The Nurses Act) Cap. 257 of the Laws of Kenya to make provision for the training, registration, enrolment and licensing of nurses; to regulate their conduct and to ensure their maximum participation in the health care of community and for connected purposes.

    The NKC is located in the Department of Research, Standards and Regulatory Services, which provides administrative support to the Council. (accessed on 02.08.2011)

    Under the Nurses Act Cap 257 Laws of Kenya, the Functions of the Council are:

    •  to establish and improve standards of all branches of the nursing profession in all their aspects and to safeguard the interests of all nurses;
    •  to establish and improve the standards of professional nursing and of health care within the community;
    •  with the approval of the minister, to make provision for the training and instruction for persons seeking registration or enrolment under the Nurses Act;
    • with the approval of the Minister, to prescribe and regulate syllabi of instruction and courses of training for persons seeking registration or enrolment;
    • to recommend to the minister institutions to be approved institutions for training of persons seeking registration or enrolment;
    • with approval of the minister to prescribe and conduct examinations for persons seeking registration or enrolment;
    • to prescribe badges, insignia and uniforms to be worn by persons registered, enrolled or licensed;
    •  to have regard to the conduct of persons registered, enrolled or licensed under the Nurses Act, and to take such disciplinary measures as may be necessary to maintain a proper standard of conduct among such persons;
    •  to have regard to the standards of nursing care, qualified staff, facilities, conditions and environment of health institutions, and to take such disciplinary or appropriate measures as may be necessary to maintain proper standard of nursing care in health institutions;
    •  to direct and supervise the compilation and maintenance of registers, rolls and records required to be kept; and
    •  to advise the minister on matters concerning all aspects of nursing. council of Kenya.htm (accessed on 02.08.2011)

  • Health System

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Country Health System Fact Sheet 2009 Kenya has a population of 38,610,097. Life expectancy in Kenya (2007) was 54.3 for males and 59.1 for females. Under 5 year mortality per 1000 live births in 2009 was 74 (both sexes) and infant mortality per 1000 live births was 52 (both sexes). Maternal mortality in 2009 per 100,000 live births was 488. The major causes of death are HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases, and tuberculosis.  HIV prevalence - 6.3% Total fertility rate (2009) 4.6%.

    Budget allocation to the health sector (2009/2010) - 7% of the total estimated government budget and 1.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    Development goals have been set by the Kenya government to improve health outcomes for the population. (Updated 2010) (accessed on 20.06.2011)

    Validated July 2011

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