Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    The Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council
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    Postal Address
    Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council
    32 Bo Natmauk Road
    Bahan Township
    Yangon, MYANMAR

    Location Address
    Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council
    32 Bo Natmauk Road
    Bahan Township
    Yangon, MYANMAR

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    95 1 556623
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    Mrs Daw San Ye
  • Regulatory Body

    The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law Relating to the Nurse and Midwife was enacted in 1990. The Act also defines in general terms, the nursing and midwifery profession, duties and rights.
    The Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council is responsible for:

    • registration and licensing of nurses and midwives;
    • control of professional practice and conduct through supervisory bodies appointed by Council;
    • setting standards for nursing and midwifery education and practice;
    • prescribing conditions of professional practice of nurse aides and auxiliary midwives with the approval of the Ministry of Health. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

  • Health System

    The Ministry of Health laid down the National Health Plan (2008-2011) under the guidance from the National Health Committee. The objectives of the National Health Plan are:

    • To implement the national objective of uplifting of health, fitness and educational standards of the entire nation.
    • To implement the National Health Policy.
    • To develop a new health system in keeping with the political, economic and social conditions.
    • To strengthen rural health services.

    Main sources of finance for health care services are the government, private households, social security system, community contributions and external aid.

    Health care delivery system is comprised of more than 826 general hospitals including 19 specialist hospitals and 35 general hospitals with specialist services (2005-06). There are traditional medicine hospitals and clinics which support health of the community by traditional ways. NB Township Health Nurses are also a feature in community settings (PB). (accessed on 22.04.2009)

    Validated April 2009

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