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Contact Information Sheet
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    United States of America
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    Wyoming State Board of Nursing
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    1810 Pioneer Avenue
    WYOMING 82001

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    1810 Pioneer Avenue
    WYOMING 82001

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    +1 307 777 7601
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    +1 307 777.3519
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    Mary Kay Goetter
    Executive Director
  • Regulatory Body

    The Wyoming State Board of Nursing is established by The Nursing Practice, Title 33: Chapter 21 (accessed on 22.04.2009).

    Its purpose is to: regulate the qualifications of nurses and nurse aides practicing in Wyoming; develop and enforce legitimate nursing education, practice and disciplinary standards; license RNs, APN, LPNs, and certify CNA; approve nursing education and nurse aide training programs; disseminate advisory opinions; conduct research; initiate and conduct investigations, hearing, and proceedings concerning violations of the Nursing Practice Act and administrative rules and regulations; apply disciplinary action appropriately; and determine fees.

    The Board operates in conjunction with the Department of Administration and Information. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

  • Health System
    Health care in the United States is mainly provided in the private sector (both for profit and for non-profit) and to a lesser degree by public funding for the poor, elderly, disabled, children and veterans.  The United States does not have a universal health care system.

    In the United States expenditure on health care in actual dollars and as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) and on a per-capita basis is greater, than in any other nation in the world. The World Health Organisation reports that in 2005 the US total expenditure on health as 15 % of GDP and that the total expenditure on health per capita was $US6350. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

    In 2006, around 84% of US citizens had some form of health insurance and about 16% of the population, or 47 million Americans were without health insurance coverage. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

    The number of acute care hospital beds in the United States in 2000 was 2.9 per 1 000 population. Bed numbers have declined and this coincides with a reduction in average length of stays in hospitals and an increase in day-surgery patients.
    The United States has among the lowest average lengths of stay for most procedures. (accessed on 22.04.2009).


    Validated July 2008

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