Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Western Pacific
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  • Organisation
    The Vanuatu Nursing Council
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    Postal Address
    Secretariat—Vanuatu Nursing Council
    Vanuatu College of Nursing Education
    Ministry of Health
    Port Vila

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  • Contact Point
    Mrs Evelyne Emile
    Secretariat—Vanuatu Nursing Council
  • Regulatory Body
    The Nurses Act 2000 establishes the Nursing Council of Vanuatu. The Act gives the Council power to do all things necessary or convenient in connection with its performance of its functions

    The Council has the following functions:

    • to regulate the standards of practice of nursing in the public interest;
    • to register persons who comply with the requirements of this Act;
    • to identify the principal functions that may be carried out by nurses registered in each division of the register;
    • to authorise nursing qualifications for registration under each division of the register;
    • to determine requirements for maintaining registration under this Act;
    • to determine the scope of nursing practice, including the activities that constitute, or are included in, nursing practice in each division of the register;
    • to issue guidelines about appropriate standards of nursing practice, including codes of professional conduct and ethics;
    • to determine standards for accreditation of courses conducted by the Vanuatu
    • Centre for Nursing Education which provide qualifications for registration purposes;
    • to investigate the professional conduct or fitness to practice of persons registered under this Act and impose sanctions where necessary;
    • to exchange information with other registering authorities for nurses;
    • to advise and report to the Minister on matters relating to nurses;
    • such other functions as are conferred on it by or under this Act or any other Act;
    • such other functions as the Minister may prescribe by notice in the Gazette.
  • Health System
    Vanuatu provides both systems of preventive and curative health care. Health services delivery in the rural area follows the concepts of Primary Health Care focusing on its eight elements.

    The health referral system starts from the Aid Post right at the village level, which is manned by a Village Health Worker. The next level up is the Dispensary, which is run by a registered nurse providing only Day Care. Next up in the system is the Health Centre level, which provides Day Care as well as a few maternity beds for delivery and in-patients, and is staffed by a Midwife, a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered General Nurse.

    The hospital provides tertiary care and is staffed by doctors and nurses. The nurse practicing in rural areas can refer patients to the hospital for a doctor’s consultation.

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