Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Western Pacific
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  • Organisation
    Kiribati Nursing Council
  • Address

    Postal Address
    The Chairperson
    Kiribati Nursing Council
    Ministry of Health and Medical Services
    PO Box 268, Tarawa

    Location Address
    c/- Ministry of Health and Medical Services

  • Phone
    + 686 28 100 Ext: 207
  • Fax
    + 686 28 152
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  • Website
    Website not available
  • Contact Point
    Mrs. Tanimakin Nooti
    Ag. Director of Nursing Services
  • Regulatory Body
    The Nursing Council is established under the Kiribati Medical Services Act 1996.
    The principal object of this Act is to enact one comprehensive Medical Services Act which governs and controls all medical services in Kiribati.  The Act provides the Nursing Council with powers in relation to establishing and maintaining registers and roles; admitting qualified people to the register or role; approving courses and taking disciplinary action.
  • Health System
    Kiribati has a well established, publicly funded, formal health system administered by the central Ministry of Health. A parallel traditional health system exists, provided by traditional healers and offering local medicines, massage and antenatal, childbirth and postnatal care. Most people use both traditional and formal health services, but there is no coordination between the two systems.

    A national referral hospital, situated in South Tawara, provides a comprehensive range of secondary curative services, while Kiritimati Island has a hospital providing basic surgical, medical and maternity services. People requiring tertiary curative services are referred overseas for treatment if they fulfill the clinical criteria set out by the Ministry of Health.

    Comprehensive primary health care services are offered through a network of 92 health centres and dispensaries. Health centres are headed by a medical assistant - a registered nurse who has undertaken additional training - who also supervises up to eight dispensaries staffed by nurses and nurse aids employed by the Island Council. Six principle Nursing Officers, based in Tarawa, are responsible for the support and oversight of health services in each district and for selected national programmes. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

    Validated August 2008

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