Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Bureau of Registration, Human Resources Development Department, Ministry of Health
  • Address

    Postal Address
    Chief Nursing/Midwifery Office
    Hospital Services Dept,
    Ministry of Health
    No 151-153 Avenue Kampuchea Krom,
    Phnom Penh,

    Location Address
    Ministry of Health
    No 151-153 Avenue Kampuchea Krom,
    Phnom Penh,

  • Phone
    + 855 023 427 566
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    + 855 023 428 221
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    Not available
  • Contact Point
    Ms Koh Sileap
    Chief Nursing/Midwifery Office
    Ministry of Health
  • Regulatory Body
    Under the current system, all Ministry of Health workers are considered registered on graduation from Ministry of Health training institutions, but there is no Registration System for foreign graduates and no verification of their qualifications. There is no Registration Board, and no Nursing Council but a Nursing Association was established in June 2005.

    The Ministry of Health sets educational standards for nursing and also determines the basic educational content. Cambodia is currently developing a national action plan for nursing and midwifery. The Cambodian Nursing Council and Cambodian Midwifery Council are developed but not yet submitted to the Prime Minister and the King. (accessed on 22.04.2009).

  • Health System
    Health is one of the sectors receiving priority attention both from Government and external partners. A process of reform, led by the Ministry of Health, aims to improve equity in access to good quality services, with a particular focus on services for the poor.

    The main thrust of the reforms has been to change from an administratively organised to a population-based system, in both the distribution of facilities and the allocation of financial resources. (accessed on 22.04.2009)

    The Health System aims to address the population's basic health needs. This is reflected by the Cambodian Ministry of Health's commitment to primary health care and the establishment of operational districts. An operational district is composed of at least 2 levels. The first level consisting of all clinics or health centres which provides a point of first contact with the population. The second level consists of referral hospitals which manage health problems that cannot be managed at the first level. (accessed 22.04.2009)

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    12.6325127, 105.3131185
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