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    An Action Plan to Prevent Brain Drain: Building Equitable Health Systems in Africa
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    Physicians for Human Rights
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    Friedman EA
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    [Excerpt from foreward] This paper by Physicians for Human Rights addresses the dual crises of violation of the human right to survival worsening in the face of severe shortages of human resources to meet our ethical obligations. This paper is exhaustively researched, adopts a comprehensive approach, and its release is very timely. As the report underscores, now is the time to act, for further delays will exact a huge human cost in millions of preventable deaths. The report's analysis penetrates to the root causes of the problem and it offers a set of strategies that must be embraced to address the crises. Effective solutions are available, not surprisingly. But these depend upon respect for basic human rights and the mutual meeting of our obligations - adapted and adjusted to new contexts.
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    Education, Training and Development, Nursing Human Resources Management, Work Environment, General HR Overview Documents
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