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    A return to governance in the law of the workplace (and the question of worker participation)
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    Jerusalem Forum on Regulation & Governance
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  • Author
    Estlund C
  • Description
    "Governance-based strategies of regulation, which seek to channel regulatory resources inside regulated entities, often with the help of non-state actors, toward the accomplishment of public objectives, are supplanting "command-andcontrol" strategies across many areas of regulation in much of the world. But governance-based regulatory strategies are not especially new in the labor field. Indeed, collective representation and bargaining in the workplace within a publicly administered legal framework - let us call it "Old Governance" - has many features associated with "New Governance."" (extract from abstract)
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    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Work Environment, General HR Overview Documents
  • Keywords
    regulation, governance, participation, law, workplace, bargaining
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