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    Health professional mobility and health systems: evidence from 17 European countries (Euro Observer Vol 12, No 2)
  • Journal

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    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
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  • Author
    Wismar M, Glinos IA, Maier CB, Dussault G, Palm W, Bremner J & Figueras J
  • Description
    "Health professionals move between countries in search of higher salaries, better working conditions, training and career opportunities, or new professional and personal experiences. When crossing borders, they change the composition of the workforce in both sending and receiving countries, affecting the size, skill-mix, geographical distribution and demographic profile. This can have consequence on the workforce's contribution to the performance of the health system by mitigating or aggravating workforce shortages, the lack of specific skills, or the situation in underserved areas." (excerpt from document)
  • Categories
    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy
  • Keywords
    migration, Europe,
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