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    Recruitment and retention of nurses: Challenges facing hospital and community employers
  • Journal

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    Longwoods Publishing Corporation
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  • Author
    Cameron S, Armstrong-Stassen M, Bergeron S & Out J
  • Description
    "Using selected magnet characteristics, this exploratory study examined nurses' perceptions of their work experiences in both hospital and community settings. Mail surveys were completed by community and hospital nurses (n=1248) selected randomly from a provincial registry in Ontario, Canada. Scales measured organizational factors (organizational and immediate supervisor support, decentralized decision-making, nurse-physician relationships and work-group cohesiveness) and job-related factors (autonomy, job challenge, work demands, fair treatment, work-status congruence; satisfaction with career, salary, working conditions) of nurses' experiences in their work settings." (excerpt from abstract)
  • Categories
    Work Environment, Good/Promising Practices in Nursing Recruitment and Retention
  • Keywords
    recruitment, retention, perceptions, work environment, Canada
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