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  • Date
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    Implications of the California Nurse Staffing Mandate for Other States
  • Journal

  • Publisher
    John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Year
  • Author
    Aiken LH, Sloan DM, Cimiotti JP, Clarke SP,Flynn L, Seago JA, Spetz J & Smith HL
  • Description
    "In 2004, California became the first state to mandate minimum nurse staffing levels for various nursing units, specifying how many patients each nurse can care for at any one time. As other states look to enact nurse staffing legislation or regulations, California's example provides some insight. Researchers compared the outcomes for nurses and quality of care in California and two states without legislation-Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They surveyed 22,336 nurses in all three states and examined patient outcomes, including 30-day inpatient mortality and failure to rescue across hospitals according to whether the nurses cared for fewer or more patients each."
  • Categories
    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Work Environment
  • Keywords
    workload, staffing, ratios, legistlation, regulation, survey, United States
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