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    Monitoring the newly qualified nurses in Sweden: the Longitudinal Analysis of Nursing Education (LANE) study
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    Human Resources for Health
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    Rudman A, Omne-Ponten M, Wallin L & Gustavsson PJ
  • Description
    "The Longitudinal Analysis of Nursing Education (LANE) study was initiated in 2002, with the aim of longitudinally examining a wide variety of individual and work-related variables related to psychological and physical health, as well as rates of employee and occupational turnover, and professional development among nursing students in the process of becoming registered nurses and entering working life. The aim of this paper is to present the LANE study, to estimate representativeness and analyse response rates over time, and also to describe common career pathways and life transitions during the first years of working life." (excerpt from abstract)
  • Categories
    Education, Training and Development, Work Environment, Good/Promising Practices in Nursing Recruitment and Retention
  • Keywords
    students, occupational health and safety, retention
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