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    Healthcare Restructuring: The Impact of Job Change
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    Bauman A, Giovannetti P, O'Brien-Pallas C, Mallette C, Deber R, Blythe J, Hibberd J & DiCenso A
  • Description
    "Restructuring, particularly redeployment and job change, had a dramatic impact on the working conditions and practices of nursing personnel. This study was conducted to determine whether nurses (RNs and RPNs) who experienced job change perceived their work-lives differently than those who did not undergo job change and, whether nurses who experienced different types of job change (new role, new unit, or new hospital) varied in their perceptions." (excerpt from abstract)
  • Categories
    Workforce Assessment, Planning and Policy, Nursing Human Resources Management
  • Keywords
    restructuring, survey, redeployment, job change, role
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