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    When staff create the organisational culture: A case study in the Spanish emergency system
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    Sage Journals Online
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    Pino, J, Gardey, G & Hagen, I
  • Description
    "In this article, we try to explain how the break-down in the emergency services affects the work that the staff do. Drawing on evidence obtained from a six-month ethnographic study in two Spanish public hospitals, we conclude that in this overloaded context, official definitions of emergencies and formal classification protocols are completely useless. Exploring the staff's perceptions about the users and the service itself we try to re-create the process by which the diverse health care workers informally re-define symbols, concepts and behaviour patterns, creating a specific internal culture that helps them cope with the complexity of the service and the excessive demand".
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    Work Environment
  • Keywords
    emergency services, workload, organisational culture, spain, staff perception
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